Dec 05

The flash animation that I found was to promote the Fair Trade organization. Fair Trade is a group that makes sure that that farmers that grow and sell products such as chocolate, coffee, honey, bananas, and many others. The flash animation showed the benefits for the farmers buy donating or buying Fair Trade products. Some of these benefits included being able to better support their families by having more money to buy general items and being able to send their children to school.

I have always been very interested in the Fair Trade organization and have wished to further research into its other benefits. I have also tried in the past to buy Fair Trade products in stores when I would see them, such as chocolate bars or coffee.

Fair Trade Flash Animation

Dec 05

People protesting against factory farming

Although this animation doesn’t have the same message as what I will be creating in flash it contains some of the main values. I will be focusing on the dangers and cruelty of factory farming and the promotion of vegetarianism. In this flash animation the issue of factory farming is covered but it also talks about testing on animals, entertainment animals, the fur trade and hunting. Although my flash animation won’t be as extensive, it still has given me a lot of ideas and taught me more about my cause.

The message the animation is conveying and shocking people into giving notice as to what results the customs in modern society are having on our animals. It is trying to show that animals are being very much like humans but are treated very harshly because they cannot speak. It is very powerful and effective. It isn’t strong on the harsh images which can often discourage the viewer from watching but the messages in the flash are very strong and the statistics are very shocking.

The main flash animation that is used in the image is letting the viewer choose different sections, which gives the viewer the choice rather inflicting views upon then and preaching to them. I think it was very effective although it didn’t say anything about what you can do to help these animals and this is what I am going to focus on in my animation. I want to deal a small bit with the issue of factory farming but focus more on the benefits of vegetarianism.

What is the issue?
Factory farming is a huge problem in society today. Not only do we produce way more food than we could possibly eat, but the animals used are treated like a material, rather than living creatures. It is impossible to argue the fact that factory farming is okay. The only real way to target this issue is to boycott meats that aren’t free range. An even healthier and beneficial way to combat it is to go vegetarian. Not only will this save all the animals from being slaughtered inhumanly, but we will have alot more food for the whole world. Imagine how much feed and grain it takes to feed those animals to raise them. With more people turning vegetarian, factory farms will die out and our only reason to have animals will be for animal byproducts and to have them as pets, or animal companions. Therefore we won’t have to use up so many food resources and can focus on feeding the hungry and the poor.

You can see the flash animation by clicking on the link below.

Click here for video

To learn more about going vegetarian here is a good site to start at

Click here to see the PETA site

Dec 03

MohamedAli’s Progress in BBC Children In Need Animation

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So far i am doing very well in my project. I have almost finished my investigation. I just need to start playing around with Flash CS3. I have organized my project so i can get all the writing part of the project out the way and then i can start learning Flash CS3.

For My Project I have chosen to create an animation that will hopefully gain global awareness on Children in Need. I hope to make an animation that will relate to everyone round the world, not just in the UK.

The reason i have chose to have Children In Need as my cause is because i think that children should be

able to enjoy life with out there difficulties. Making this animation might make people in our International community raise some money that will get help for the children.


Nov 20

What Makes a Good Design?

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I’m sure you’re all wondering, ‘Just what makes a good design?’ Well, there are several basic elements that, at least in my opinion, can lead your work in such a direction. First of all, it is advisable that you keep your design as simple as possible, at least as a beginner. More often than not, an over-crowded design will not get its message across, and can also be very confusing to the eye. Then there is also color scheme to consider. Having too many clashing colors would be detrimental to your design, while having only a few, well planned separate colors could truly enhance it. It may also be wise to have colors that are complementary, or in other words, matching. The style of your design is also very important. Whether your design is flowing and graceful, or bold and blocky, it should consistently stay within the perimeters of one style. If you start mixing styles, it is not likely the design will work out, or really come out as much of anything. In sum, the best way to get good results with a design is to look into the detail.



Nov 01

This podcast is about the design cycle and tells exactly what it is and how it applies to our project. Enjoy…….

Oct 30

For our project we are creating a T-Shirt design. The design will be of a famous person but portrayed in a different way than they would usually be shown. We started by choosing a famous figure and researching about them. We then figured out what a T-Shirt design needs to be made up of and how we should create our design. We then brainstormed ideas for a design to put onto our T-Shirt and sketched them onto an A-3 sheet of paper, then we choose a final design to start creating. We are using adobe illustrator to create out designs.

For my design i live traced a picture of Winston Churchill and added colour’s to it. I also added one of his famous speeches to the design. I also kept the famous trademark items that would be related with Winston Churchill like the top hat and his cigar.

Oct 29

Introduction Towards The Million Dollar Idea

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The Million Dollar idea of the decade was thought of by Dr. Tech and pass down to his students. The idea is simple and effective. Have a whole class of students in an IT class each find a different revolutionary figure. Create a pop-culture image, stick it on some type of cloth, sell them, and make millions.

Brain storming:
The project start with a simple brainstorm, a common site to use is Then find a lot of revolutionary figure and through a process of elimination pick one. Ask ten question and answers, three guiding questions, and three investigations.

Before any planning is done, you need to get as much background information as you can, because you can get a hand full of ideas from just that. Plus, it’s a sneaky way of getting your students to learn something, and don’t forget to write down your sources so no one tries to sue you. Now, write down all the ideas for each revolutionary figure, on paper so you don’t forget any of the good ideas. Now, for more of the boring stuff, you need to answer another guiding question, but there’s a catch, it has three parts to it. Now, the important part is get all the students to create an original pop-culture image and all you do is getting all those pictures, put them on t-shirts, and sell them. Presto, you’re a millionaire!

Oct 29

When you are in the process of making a decision for your icon, be sure that you choose a person who really means something to you or someone who is easy research. Remember that you are going to make them into a pop icon figure. My revolutionary figure happens to be someone who comes from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. His name is Machel Montano, he is my icon because he is willing to put himself out there so that he can be noticed by the world. Machel has done many things that has helped him pursue his career further, he started at the age of twelve and became well known within his own country and not too long after his first ever hit came out he was known in the United States of America, United Kingdom and of course all over the Caribbean.

To hear more please click on the file, Thank You.

Oct 19

Why Bob Geldof?

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For our I.T. project we had to chose a revolutionary figure. Obviously i chose Bob Geldof, but why?

Bob Geldof (Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof) started off as a wannabe rock star with a band called the Boomtown Rats. He didn’t claim much fame that way but he wasn’t just an ordinary rock star, he actually cared about the world around him. After watching a t.v. news report about starving children in Africa he wanted to do something to help. In 1984, using the connections he had in the music industry he organized 40 British pop musicians to come and record the hit single “Do they know its Christmas”.

Bob G

The studio donated a day to record the hit and all the musician donated their time. The single ended up being untaxed but the government and all of the money made by the song and the preceding ‘Band Aid’ concert was given to the famine problem in Africa. This is why i chose him. How he was able to redirect his focus onto such a noble cause and use the thing he loved doing to do it. His image can also be easily altered.

Oct 19

The Design Cycle may seem like a waste of time or boring routine to follow. However its not all z z z z z and is really quite simple and useful for the Revolutionary Figure project. Let’s go over all the steps:

INVESTIGATE: !! 1st section and probably one the most fundamental. Even if you did not follow the Design Cycle along the way you would need at some point in your project to find back round on your REV figure!!

In the INVESTIGATE section there are three smaller section with in it that make up the section. That sounds like a lot of words and little comprehending but its really very simple. Each Sections of the Design Cycle (which there are 4) have 3 smaller section with in it.

3 Sections with in the INVESTIGATE section:

Step Uno: Identify the Problem: In this case the problem is CHOOSING or SELECTING your REV figure. If you can recall this was at the beginning of the semester when we researched several different REV possibilities. You than chose a figure based on something that gave you INSPIRATION or just someone you REALLY wanted to do. Step Dos: Develop the Design Brief: Well its basically self explanatory but if your having trouble understanding this step I’ve put a link for . Click and your on your way to understanding. Step Tres: Formulate a Design Specifiacation: Specify and think of a design for you REV figure in the INVESTIGATE process. Our EX here is using a T-Shirt design.

SECTION TWO: PLAN!! woodihoo. It may not seem like an important step, or a really boring one but it really is beneficial to your project and its outcome.

There are only TWO sections with in this section (I know I know there is normally 3 though)

Step UNO: Design a product/solution -mhmmm easy enough to comprehend.

Step DOS: Plan a Product/ Solution – yep yep easy enough.


Step UNO: Use APPROPRIATE techniques & equipment (duh!! This should be a no brainer)

Step DOS: Follow the PLAN! ( wow……. wouldn’t have thought of that)

Step TRES: Create the Product/solution

As you can see the CREATE section is really simple!!! And I didn’t lie, it had three smaller sections.

SECTION 4: Evaluate

Now the creation of your project is finished but the design cycle is not! There is just one more section! You are almost done. The EVALUATION section is not the drage is seems like. So its only got two smaller sections

Step UNO: Evaluate the product/ solution

Step Dos: Evaluate their use of the design cycle. (what did you think?)

Over all the design cycle is useful when you need to solve a problem or create anything. And can also be really useful for your personal projects.

Oct 19

Process of drawings…

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When we first started the project, we had to choose a revolutionary figure. I chose John Lennon. At first I thought it was a great idea, but i soon started to realize how hard it would be to do something original about someone who is so famous. I especially thought it would be hard when it came to creating the graphic design. But I was proven wrong. First of all we had to do a brainstorm on an A3 piece of paper, and then we had to select 3of the images, and then choose one of them for our final design. I decided to go for my first sketch, which is one of the most famous pictures of Lennon (Picture below), i wanted it to represent Lennon’s egotism, so i wrote this quote Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” (which is by Lennon himself) around his head.