May 22

Breast Cancer- Race for Life

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Last weekend throughout the UK, Cancer Research held the ‘Race for Life’ to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. For my animation project I think I want to create a realistic animation to highlight this cause. Cancer is a very serious topic and so I thought a flash animation would be inappropriate.

This following video was the type of video I thought I would do: –

Using photos, music and quotes I think I could really highlight the issue of breast cancer.
This topic is serious and I can’t wait to make a difference.

May 22

Breast Cancer Awareness Animation…

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We were given a project that is called Animation for Action. It gives us an opportunity to support a cause by making an animation promoting the cause.

I chose to do an animation for breast cancer awareness.

  1. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.
  2. 100 women every day are diagnosed with breast cancer.
  3. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
  4. It is estimated that 40,480 women and 362 men will die of breast cancer in 2008.

My client will be promoting the 3 Day which is a 60 mile walk that raises money for breast cancer awareness. The funds from this walk go to the Susan G Komen foundation. Susan G Komen uses this money for helping raise awareness and for finding a cure. This walk changes lives and gives hope to women.

3 Day Video

This is the style of video that I would like to create:

Breast Cancer Awareness Animation

I really like this type of animation because it is clear and easy to follow but still very effective.

May 22

Ball for All Charity…

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I have chosen ‘Ball for All’ for my organization to promote in my animation project.

I picked them because I wanted to choose something that I was interested in and it is also a good cause. The charity uses football as a way to educate and help children in communities in western Africa. They supply books and teaching supplies as well as equipment for boys and girls soccer teams.

I have decided that I want my animation to be quite short and attention grabbing. I want to include pictures, cartoons and music and not a lot of text so that people will actually want to watch it.

Watch the video here!

I like the video above because it is meaningful and it makes you think about the cause. It is attention grabbing because it doesn’t say it’s organization straight away so the viewer will be wondering what the video is about.

May 21

BulgarianBeefCake Animation…

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Well, hello there, it has been a while since I have posted on TECHBRIBE (That is shocking says Dr Tech.)

I have decided my cause shall be: Vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party for parliament!

It shall be a blend of their policies and ideas, in other words, reasons to vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party. As for the animation video, well I asked Nabsuh for help, and he told me the best thing for my cause would be to use this video:

I do suppose it shall be a reasonable way to make my animation. I am looking forward to it.

-Bulgarian Beef Cake

May 21

Blood Diamonds – Animation Idea…

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There are many choices of charities to animate, and many causes. Some include development, war, hunger, abuse, animal rights, women’s etc. However i have decided to address the somewhat hidden issue of Blood Diamonds. A Blood Diamond is a diamond whose profits are used to fund wars and which is produced and mined under unethical conditions. The treatment of African people in order to get these diamonds is incredible.

Countries such as the Ivory Coast, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, are or have been targeted by this problem. The fact that diamonds are advertised as and seen as symbols of love and class, has just fueled the desire for these precious stones. Would newly engaged women feel as proud of their new diamond when boasting about it to their friends if they knew that the cost of her diamond helped illegal warfare of guns to kill innocent people?

For example, in 1975 Angola liberated itself from being a Portuguese colony, but fell to a civil war from 1975 to 2002. A rebel movement at the time used diamonds as a form to fuel their war, selling diamonds abroad to buy guns. It took the UN up to 1998 to realize what was happening and ban diamond sale form Angola.

A diamond might be a ‘girls best friend’, but it is also the killer of innocent lives. The buying and selling of these Blood Diamonds, also called Conflict Diamonds is usually done in secret as to not stir too much attention.

I would like to use this subject to raise awareness of an issue that so many people are ignoring, still buying conflict diamonds.

I plan on using the International Red Cross as a charity, as they have shown certain interest on the subject.

I plan on making a simple animation with statistics and music to try and get my point across.

Here is a link to a good website:

May 21

Save the Kiwi’s!

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For my flash animation project I want to support the foundation because not enough people know about the state of the bird. People need to relies that the bird is becoming more and more extinct. They are becoming to be extinct because of people that have introduced animals from other parts of the world, such as the stoat.

This is the video that inspired me to bring this cause to peoples attentions:-

Please watch this and make a donation to any charity that promotes the kiwi bird.

Thank you for your time…

May 21

My Animation Choice

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I have chosen to make an animation movie for the seal massacre by fisherman in canada. The charity i have chosen is called International Fund for Animal welfare( IFAW.) It helps raise money for animal cruelty, it supports the on-going battle against the canadian fisherman who slaughter Harp pup seals.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has documented dozens of what appear to be criminal acts of cruelty, including seals being bled or skinned alive, seals being impaled while still alive and dragged for long distances, live seals being kicked and stomped by sealers, dead and dying seals being stockpiled, and seals being killed with illegal weapons. Unfortunately, a lack of enforceable regulations has allowed some of the most serious acts of animal cruelty ever documented to go unpunished.
In addition to the hunt, seals are now facing an added threat: warming temperatures. In recent years, unusual weather patterns have broken up and melted much of the ice that seals need to give birth and nurse their pups. Last year, many young seals died or were seriously wounded before the hunt even began. Of course, the higher pup mortality rate has not been taken into account by the sealing industry.

95% of the seals killed in the Canadian seal hunt are between 12 days and 4 months old. Although the European WHITE COAT ban instigated in 1986 had a dramatic effect on the seal pelt market, it is a troubling fact that the world demand for seal pelts is now growing.

Who sells white seal fur ?

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Norway 3,046,648 5,998,388 6,858,225 6,761,996
Greenland 2,108,421 4,000,000
Finland 300 509,888 1,912,936
Hong Kong 155 80,521 380,338
Germany 86,270 11,390 1,117,775 255,288
Turkey 62,556
Russia 21,397 30,365
Denmark 389,953 749,155 562,625 148,130 11,285
Kazakhstan 496
Mexico 13
Subtotal 476,123 3,795,958 6,572,703 10,844,357 13,415,213
Others 75,507 529,346 684,191 821,518
Total 552,630 4,325,304 7,256,894 11,665,875 13,415,213

This horrible massacre of the seals needs to be stopped now!

May 21

Save the seals…

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The International fund for animal welfare’s save the seals. This organization is trying to stop the massacre of seals which the Canadian Government fully supports.

Over 1 million seals have been killed in 3 years, 95% of which were only days to week old. About 42% are skinned alive for there fur and packed in heaps and left to die. The furs do not sell well and the fishermen do not make much money from this.

Watching some videos and reading some facts have really let me release how awful this is. That is why I am going to support the organization with my flash animation. My flash animation is going to show how the fishermen kill the seals and how painful it is for the seals to hopefully help people realize how barbaric it is.

Here is the flash animation I thought was very well done:

(If that doesn’t work, go to youtube, type in flash animation, and it should be the first link)

May 21

My Proposal: Animation 4 Action

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Of course, animation is one of the best ways of putting a message across. You can make it look clever & amazing at the same time. For example, I am aware many of my peers enjoyed Animator Vs Animation, and it was really funny and clever. Now, since the film I am currently working on is serious, I decided to do something, a little more cheerful.

Firstly, who is the lucky organization? Well, I have decided to support Frazer Nash. Its a great company, working on really cool ideas, but it is hardly advertises, which is why I think it would be appropriate. They create electric vehicles mainly, but they have made some really amazing stuff, and this is an area I can actually delve my mind into.

Now, as for the advertisement, I decided to go with probably one of the best ideas ‘evar’.

Until then, I’ll see you later!

May 21

Energy Saving Light Bulbs…Animation 4 Action…

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I have decided to promote energy saving light bulbs. I was inpired after finding the video below, trying to get something about just about penguins originally. These light bulbs only use a fifth of energy used in ordinary light bulbs, saving you money!

They might cost a little more, but the bills will make up for it and the saved energy can be used for other things. I’ll make my animation for it like an advert to raise awareness. I’d like to make it in the style of Michael Swain, who uses humor as his main tool. His Blockhead series (especially with the later episodes) is something that just has to be seen. I’ll make it a good length for an interesting advert, with lots of detail and good art like the Swain himself.

May 21

Save Our Squirrels…

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The organization that i wish to sponsor and promote is “Save Our Squirrels”. This organization is about saving the red squirrel. This organization has dedicated several forest in england for red squirrels to protect them from being killed by the Black Squirrel. This organization is trying to save this indiginous squirrel species. I chose this organization because i like squirrels. :) well not really, i thought it would be funny.this video is a base for me and my animation, with a black squirrel chasing a red squirrel.

I have decided to make an animation that will show the world how the black squirrels have been mutated and killing the red squirrels. I will depict this animation by having to armies, a red army and a black army ( these will be the squirrels) they will be fighting and the red squirrels will be losing and running while the black squirrel armies are chasing them. The animation i will choose is more of a cartoony one so the viewer will have fun while squirrels will be dieing.

Hopefully this video will have an impact on all viewers on how to red squirrels are being killed and must be saved

May 21

Umthumbo Post?

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The reason why I chose to do my animation on Umthombo charity is because I think that the cause is a very good cause. Umthombo is devoted to trying to get all street children in Durban off the streets. In the past street children were rounded up and quit literally thrown away because people did not want to see them, or just did not want to have to take care of them. I myself have been to a charity evening for this organization, I also know the man and founder of it, and my father and him are good friends. This charity is only ten years old, I think, so what it needs now more than ever is awareness, and that is why I chose it. Hopefully my short animation will open a few eyes.

I found this video on youtube:-

May 21

Animation, action, and animals

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In IT class we are looking up different ways to help charities with animations. These can be screensavers, banners, and pretty much anything else that you can show on a website. These are useful because they reach out to a younger generation. While our parents or grandparents want to know about the charity according to what they write and support animations and short videos catch the attention of people our age.

We will be making some short animations of our own about charities of our choice. The charity I have chosen is Ducks Unlimited. They want to protect waterfowl throughout the United States. Their aim is to save more wetlands and natural habitats for ducks that are losing there homes. For more information go to

We were also supposed to find an animation that we would like to use a basis for our own. I found the one shown below. i really like it because it is informative while being light hearted. It is also very well done.

Cow Power

May 21

Charity Animation – SOS Children’s Villages

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I decided to make an animation about the SOS Children’s villages around the world. SOS children is the world’s largest children’s charity and works in 123 countries worldwide. It is an independent, non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. SOS Children’s villages work with children who have been neglected or separated by their parents, or with children who have been affected by disease or other medical problems, like amputees I chose this charity because it has made a difference, and i think that their work should be supported.

For my animation, i will most probably tell a young boy’s story, which i heard from in a documentary about SOS Children’s. I will show what his life was like before he was helped and after. This will show people what a difference the organization made in his life.

I chose the “Hope for Children” banner because it caught my eye when i saw it, and i think it was effective.

Check the website and look at the “Hope For Children” banner.

May 21

Speak For The Ones Without Voices…

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, A.K.A. PETA, have over 1.8 million members worldwide making it the largest animal rights organization in the world. PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely and for the longest periods of time

  • on factory farms
  • in laboratories
  • in the clothing trade
  • and in the entertainment industry.

PETA also work on a variety of other issues, including the cruel killing of beavers, birds and other “pests,” and the abuse of backyard dogs. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.

For the A4A project I have chosen PETA as my organization because I am a PETA member and have always supported animal rights. Since rescuing a dog from a rescue shelter and hearing how she was found in the streets, clearly having been abused by whoever kept her before, I thought about how she would not have understood why this was happening, and put myself in her position. Nobody, animal or human, would like to be treated like that. My view is that if someone were doing intentional harm to you, you would want someone to do something about it. Animals have feelings and thoughts just as you or I, simply because they cannot or do not express thoughts and feelings as we do does not mean that they do not have them. Causing intentional harm to another life is wrong, and therefore everyone should do everything in their power to help stop this.

My starting point for my video will be the PETA quote, “If you have to be human, at least be humane”. I want to focus on four points to improve the lives of domestic pets. As many people do not realize how many animals are mistreated daily in the home. My four points are:

  • Unchaining dogs from outside houses – they are your pets and companions, don’t make them feel neglected. You wouldn’t like to be tied up.
  • Adopt a pet from a homeless shelter – between four and six million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the US because there aren’t enough loving homes for them.
  • Raise awareness of animal crime – much domestic abuse towards animals goes unnoticed as it happens out of the public setting
  • And finally: SPREAD THE WORD – talk to people you know about their views on domestic animal rights and share your ideas too!

My challenge will be conveying the information that I want to, while keeping the animation visually pleasing and clear.

Looks like I’m ready to start trying to get ideas of how to show all of this together. This is my initial idea, but I may end up finding a way of merging two points together to give the animation simplicity as this will keep the viewer’s interest throughout the video.

P.S. This ‘Never Say Yes To A Cigarette’ uses a popular superhero to get the message across to kids and adults alike.

Superman Never Says Yes To Cigarette

May 21

Environmental Working Organization – Animation for Action

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The organization that I will be supporting is the Environmental Working Organization (EWO). This is an organization that is, at least in part, is anti-pesticides. They are concerned about the effect of these toxins on humans and are trying to prove that they are harmful to the point that they should be banned.

I have decided that I will do an animation that overstates the effects of pesticides. I had this idea last night while I was watching t.v., so it may need some development, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It will be a video showing a person standing next to the earth and spraying pesticides on it. Flowers will be growing and smiling and people will be eating the fruit off of the trees and being generally happy. It will cut to a screen saying “This is what they want you to think.” It will then fade to a scene saying “This is what’s really happening.” The music will suddenly pick up and the screen will go red. The image will be of a person holding a flamethrower and burning the earth. Yes, it is a bit extreme.

This video will hopefully have a minor, subconscious effect on people and they will hopefully remember the animation. It is designed to make people subconsciously believe that pesticides are worse than they had thought. It will also hopefully make people look into the EWO a bit more. My animation is extreme so that it has more effect than a realistic animation might.

These are examples of what I am aiming for:

The Door

Pivot Randosity

I hope for videos similar to this, but maybe of higher quality. I liked the effects in “The Door” and the general animation and walking in “Pivot Randosity”.

Just some music…

May 20

Animation for Action – Verizon…

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I have decided that my client for the “Animation for Action” project will be an organization called Verizon Foundation. Verizon Foundation “focuses their philanthropic efforts on three overarching areas: Education, Safety and Health, and Volunteerism, where they believe their technology can make the greatest impact.” Their Mission is to “improve education, literacy, family safety and healthcare by supporting Verizon’s commitment to deliver technology that touches life. The Verizon Foundation funds programs that address the heart of social issues such as literacy, technology education and domestic violence.

They build partnerships to replicate their most successful programs in communities across the country. Since 2000, the Verizon Foundation has invested more than $400 million in the United States and around the world to help others. Verizon volunteers is one of the largest corporate volunteer incentive programs in the United States, donating over 450,000 hours to various causes in 2007. Their core programs are education and literacy, health and safety, and volunteerism.

I plan to focus on the Education and Literacy aspect of the program. I will research different programs such as ThinkFinity, a “free online top – quality educational resource that strengthens problem – solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills for success in the 21st Century.”

Below is a link for an animation that is found that is stylistically similar to the one that I would like to produce – Easily Stop Smoking Video