Dec 19

Tigre Talks Charity- So Listen!

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For my IT project, I chose a particular interesting charity called the Besom… So what is the Besom?


What? Besom is a charity that serves as the function of bridge; in other words, Besom collects new and unwanted items and enhances them (eg by cleaning them). Finally, the items are delivered to people in need.

Where? The Besom is a really big organization and it is Located all over England. The one my client is situated in is called the Besom in Runnymede.

Who? Anyone can come to the Besom, however they have to keep in mind that it is prayer-based

Why? There are many people in need, and Besom wants the world’s balance to be more equal.

What do you do? At Besom you can be given different tasks, such as cleaning the brought-in items or even cleaning all of the dirty plates from other volunteers; even if you’re doing this, you ar still helping the charity, and sometimes help in this way is better than help in monetary value.

Besom is a very worldly charity and I think that it deserves further advertising, hence my decision for the second IT project.


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Dec 14

Tigre Talks Pixar Shorts- So Listen!

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I find Pixar shorts really, really successful, and I was wondering which one you like the best? Please answer the poll below, it will be fun… you know you want to… because we all love Pixar shorts, right? It will only take 5 seconds, I promise; unless either your computer or you are slow (which I’m sure your not)… Thanx

To watch the Clips Click on the following Link: (They are all very good):


One Man Band

Jack-Jack Attack

Knick Knack

Boundin’ (Its in Spanish- See your spanish lessons do come to use)

Dec 03

Tigre Talks-Excellent Flash Animation Tutorial Site- So Listen!

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Hey everyone its Tigre, I have found an outstandingly, brownilicious, good Flash Animation Tutorial Site. It has so many tips, hints, and tutorials, it is just amazing how much it has. Well here are a few screenshots of the website and I hope you find as useful as I have.

Screenshot Flash 1_1.JPGScreenshot_Flash_2.JPG


Good luck with your projects!


Oct 19

– Tutorial Sites –


As we are creating a T-shirt design on Adobe Illustrator, it might be slightly important to know how the program works, even in a general understanding will help. Her are some online tutorials that can help you out…


This video is a bit dull; nevertheless it goes over some important tools needed in Adobe Illustrator.


This YouTube video mainly concentrates on the area of tracing in a very speedy way and it also uses different tools that you may have not used before, briefly though. In addition it also deals with sketch-type images that seem to be scanned from an external sheet onto the computer, something that can be useful of you’re using a created drawing you’ve done.


I think this video is actually really neat, it shows in 5 minutes, how to create a professional looking icon with Adobe Illustrator’s tools. The end result is also very neat.


This is a simple reading tutorial that helps you with colors if you need any help.



I think that this is a superb website that contains many tutorials, each concentrating in different areas of the program. Moreover, it gives really good general insight information on Adobe Illustrator. (Dr Tech – check out the podcasts below from tigre and kiwi with a snuffly cold – awwww!)