Dec 12

Blood Diamonds…

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african victimMy progress in this project so far has been kept within date of my GANT chart. For the past few weeks I have been playing around with Flash CS3, and it has been amazing, flash player has so many uses, it is unbelievable…anyway. My project is about the diamond trade happening in Africa, more commonly known as blood diamonds. I am going to design an animation to explain briefly on what is happening in the diamond areas, and mostly going to explain on why it is happening.

My goal is to show the world to what extent people will go for a diamond, just for a shiny beautiful rock.

The organization that I have chosen is the most commonly know organization…the United Nations. They are the only people in the world who can make a difference with what is happening in Africa. The reason for choosing them is obvious; they are the only organization that has the money, manpower, and authority. They and only they can make the difference.

Would you trade a human beings life for a diamond?

(Make sure to check out the first of Habibi’s trial animations below!)

Nov 06

Illustrator Tutorial

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This tutorial was extremely helpful in placing and editing a picture because it walked through the steps with you, starting with a blank page so that you can easily follow along and understand what you need to do. Also, the narrator briefly explains why we want to do the next step so that we know exactly what we are doing in case we need to know parts of the steps but not all of them. There is also a corresponding video that teaches more about live trace. There are many other great tutorials that you should check out also.  The website is: (chose second tutorial)

Oct 31

Gizmotron’s wckd 3D logos

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Have you ever looked at one of those awesome company logos and thought to yourself: “I wonder how they do that”? The honest truth is that it’s actually very easy on Illustrator. All you’ve got to do is watch the video that I’ve attached to be on your way to becoming a real graphic designer. The video goes through the entire process step by step whilst explaining the reasoning behind each operation. Although the tutorial teacher is obviously a complete Illustrator Whiz, I found myself understanding and anxious to get started. I’m so anxious, in fact, that I’m just going to stop writing this and start making some wicked 3D designs.

TUTVID’S Awesome 3D Tutorial

Later, Gizmo

Oct 29

When you are in the process of making a decision for your icon, be sure that you choose a person who really means something to you or someone who is easy research. Remember that you are going to make them into a pop icon figure. My revolutionary figure happens to be someone who comes from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. His name is Machel Montano, he is my icon because he is willing to put himself out there so that he can be noticed by the world. Machel has done many things that has helped him pursue his career further, he started at the age of twelve and became well known within his own country and not too long after his first ever hit came out he was known in the United States of America, United Kingdom and of course all over the Caribbean.

To hear more please click on the file, Thank You.

Oct 28

Revolutionary Figures the Start

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Introduction to the Project Revolutionary Figures as Pop-Icons.
My revolutionary figure that i ended up choosing is Margaret Thatcher i choose Maggie because she was the first female British Prime Minister and she also has a very unusual face and hasn’t been used in a pop-icon way.
After we had decided on our figures we had to do 10 questions we wanted to know about our figures and then answer them after researching about them.
Then we moved onto Adobe Illustrator we had to play around with the tools we would be using later and show evidence of the tools we used.

Pen Tool Investigate

This was the investigate i did using the pen tool and to fill to objects.
After investigating Adobe we moved onto the plan and create section the plan section consisted of guiding question 4 and ideas for our shirts we had a A3 page full of ideas then narrowed it down to 6 and then we were suppose to narrow it down to our final one.

After we finish this section we moved onto the create section which we are finishing of this section at the moment.

Oct 27

There are many ways to master Illustrator. For those of you that don’t know what Illustrator is, Illustrator is a program is similar to Photoshop but it can make objects look less pixelated and it is far more complex to use. However, because people have taken the time to master such a program, we can create such beautiful objects. This video shows how to make a cylinder using a rectangle and a circle and modifying them without using the actual 3D effect tool. Some of the narrator’s remarks refer to previous lessons. The account name for this video is called “bwoark.” For more information, go to this account via Youtube where you can find many more tutorials on Illustrator. I hope that you are inspired to use this incredible program in the future.

Oct 19

– Tutorial Sites –


As we are creating a T-shirt design on Adobe Illustrator, it might be slightly important to know how the program works, even in a general understanding will help. Her are some online tutorials that can help you out…


This video is a bit dull; nevertheless it goes over some important tools needed in Adobe Illustrator.


This YouTube video mainly concentrates on the area of tracing in a very speedy way and it also uses different tools that you may have not used before, briefly though. In addition it also deals with sketch-type images that seem to be scanned from an external sheet onto the computer, something that can be useful of you’re using a created drawing you’ve done.


I think this video is actually really neat, it shows in 5 minutes, how to create a professional looking icon with Adobe Illustrator’s tools. The end result is also very neat.


This is a simple reading tutorial that helps you with colors if you need any help.



I think that this is a superb website that contains many tutorials, each concentrating in different areas of the program. Moreover, it gives really good general insight information on Adobe Illustrator. (Dr Tech – check out the podcasts below from tigre and kiwi with a snuffly cold – awwww!)

Oct 18

Live Trace, as you may or may not know, is a clever tool in Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to convert any image into a vector format image at the click of a button. The only problem with doing this is it will by default format your image into a low-detail, black and white vector graphic. Some images like photographs may not come out the way you want them to and you may miss a lot from the picture.

For this tutorial I am going to use a picture of Albert Einstein (hopefully you know him) sticking his tongue out at the camera. I’m sure most of you have seen this image before.

Einstein Tongue ImageNow, this is the first simple step of the tutorial. Find a preferred image that you would like to edit. Before you select your image, be sure it is not too blended and not over-detailed. Imagine one of those pop art images with only one or two colours and minimal detail; that is what this technique will result in.

Einstein Tongue Live Trace Image

For the second step you will need to have the image in Adobe Illustrator; simply drag the image into the application window to do so. Using the Selection Tool, click on the newly placed image and either click Live Trace at the top of the window interface or go to <object><live trace><make> to immediately trace the vector, simplified version of the image or also known as pop art. Here is an example using that same image above once the image is traced.

Einstein Tongue Live Paint Image

Finally, you may edit the vector image to add new, interesting, appealing colours or you can leave it as it is. To add some colours to the image you must first click the Live Paint option near the same place as the Live Trace option or you can simply go to <object><live paint><make>. Remember to have the image selected. Once you have done this I would recommend using the Fill tool to add colour.

Oct 15

This tutorial is great to help you become familiar with the tools on Adobe Illustrator, you will use tools such as the pen tool, swatches and layers. The image that I used was batman, (he is the best hero ever) and following the steps in the tutorial I produced an amazing image. If you follow the tutorial and create an image of your own, you will find that when it comes to creating your design on illustrator, it will be a lot easier. Click on this investigation-2.doc and download my tutorial

Traced Batman

Oct 11

Checking back to Techbribe – For Resources…

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Thought about your colouring, decided on your style SO now you are drawing in Illustrator. Well remember to check out new tutorials so that they continue to build and help your skills in producing graphics in Illustrator – YouTube is great to see how other amateur artists do work as well. You will need to be doing work over half term on your graphic icon design so download the demo version of Illustrator from here – Demo HERE.

Remember when you are feeling down – Until the next time you ‘Take the techbribe’… :)~

Oct 09

Okay you have completed the Investigation…

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TracingWithPenTool…you have a great plan and you have finalised your ideas on paper. SO WHAT NOW you ask! Now comes the difficult part and the time for you to create your idea in Illustrator. Remember you have until the 30th October so you have time to perfect and try out many ways of producing your revolutionary figure as a pop icon.

First you will need to make sure you have thought of a style that will reflect your design idea and help the message that you are trying to convey. Obviously you will be using vector graphics but what style will you try and convey. Check these sites out for some inspiration:-

  • Peter Fowler’s wonderful Monsterism Site – Cartoony graphics
  • Or go for a graffiti style – by getting inspiration from Banksy or the Written on the City Site
  • Maybe the sketchy drawn graphics of Wada Nanahiro might be the way to go – note no playing of his games during class
  • Maybe older graphic styles might inspire you – have a look at these retro Mexican Lottery Cards for example
  • Think of cultural ideas and graphics that might enhance your design , the use of Arabic calligraphy could suggest different ideas or meanings.

Another words when you have answered your Guided Question and know what your icon and T-Shirt must represent, looking for inspiration from other areas besides your initial investigations into the figure will help you. Remember always show evidence of this in your portfolio.

So what then….‘sheesh Dr Tech is asking for alot huh‘. Well you must think carefully about colour, remember the site that you are entering your design too usually has regulations of you using only 4 or 5 colours. This suits vector graphics but it means you will have to carefully choose those colours and make sure they are harmonious. First of all watch the videos here related to which colours represent which emotions. Then test out your colour ideas with this interactive colour wheel – it even allows you to export those colours as swatches to Illustrator!

One last thing – remember to always be trying out new ideas and skills within Illustrator, don’t let the application/tool stop you from creating what you would like to do. Remember to use the video tutorials at Atomic Learning, at the Adobe site , check Veerle’s blog and also all the hand-outs that Dr Tech has provided in the classroom – THE MORE TUTES you do the better your design will be.

Over this week you must show evidence to me (e.g. analysis and work in folder) that you have investigated style ideas, colour ideas and other techniques related to your design. Obviously you should be starting to produce prototypes of your graphic ideas. From next week, I will be asking you to publish work on this weblog so beware and make sure you are fulfilling all assessment criteria :)~

Remember to check back to the weblog regularly for updates and resources for you to use!