Nov 15

Warnings and FINAL FINAL deadlines…

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All Grade 10 students be aware of the different manufacturing process for the dark and light types of transfer paper. For the light transfer paper, you iron on the opposite side of the image. For the dark transfer paper you iron on the side you have printed on but with tracing/greaseproof paper over the top of it! Don’t make the mistake that I or Darthtater made. Please download Crashes printing guide which gives you further help and guidance – PrintingTechnique

Due to problems with manufacturing you have been given this final extension to the deadlines – but these are final as published:-

  • Group 1 – Monday at end of P2.
  • Group 2 – Tuesday at end of P2

For final hand-in/ deadline I expect you to hand me both your folio organised and your printed product in a clear plastic sleeve/ wallet. Your folio should obviously be in design cycle order, all work must have a header and footer and a title. Here is some final pointers about your work:-

  1. All work should have titles – think about if someone else that had never seen your project would they be able to understand the processes that you went through?
  2. All work, graphics, printouts must have analysis and annotation about what you are doing and thinking otherwise it is worthless.Ring Binding
  3. Your work should show consistent presentation throughout (Headers and Footers will help!)
  4. Your work is going to be taken out of your folder and ring-bound, so produce a title – front cover page maybe of yourself in your garment with image? You might produce section headings of some sort as well.
  5. You MUST MUST check the criteria for each section, and improve items that you think will bring down your grade for that section. Check my notes to help with you on your assessment sheet.
  6. When uploading to the website – make sure you have evidence, if you receive feedback include this in your evaluation.
  7. Don’t forget that while Dr Tech was away you should have evaluated the use of the weblog as a class tool – one A4 sheet saying what you think the positives and negatives of using such a weblog are? Does it help with collaboration, is it interesting and educational to publish work…what do you think?
  8. Your survey results should be analysed – please include a blank copy of your survey in your folio and then the results. Add a sheet with charts and graphics explaining what your survey showed – use spreadsheet software to do this.
  9. The evaluation should be in-depth, and look specifically at your GANT chart – have you met deadlines. Be honest. Also evaluate your performance, the product, the survey results, improvements you could make (there always are improvements!), the manufacturing process and using Threadless or Split the Atom.

Above all – your design folio should show the whole process in a clear and consistent way showing how you have solved the initial question and problem.

P.S. Once finished don’t sit back, help by feeding the world – just scroll down and click on the free-rice logo.

Nov 01

Almost a week without Dr Tech, so time to get working while he is away and finishing off your Illustrator Revolutionary Icons ready for manufacture and upload to your website of choice during the week 12th -16th November. By the 16th November all products should be finished and manufactured along with a finished portfolio and evaluation section. Phewweeee. So here is what you need to do:-

  • Finish development of your graphic (don’t stop developing until you are fully satisfied with your design, see the video below!)- making sure in your portfolio you show progression of your design creation with printouts and annotated notes explaining about style, colour, how it fits with Guided Question 4 and what you need to improve.
  • Produce two printouts of your graphic one at the size you will print it for the iron on transfer, and one showing the graphic on the t-shirt template of your choice. Add annotation explaining how you have come to the decision that this is your final design piece. If your design that is to be printed is different to your design for the website competition please print two for each.
  • Check through all sections of your portfolio so far, and make any improvements necessary (check and remember the comments I have made)- make sure you think about presentation, analysis and if someone looked at this portfolio they would know what each piece of work was about. NOTE this will be almost the final time you can improve any pieces of your work, before you hand in and all of your portfolio is bound together. Anyone should be able to read your portfolio and understand your design process.
  • Finally go to this Web 2.0 website – Stellar Survey and join the site. Explore the site and you will find that it is an online survey maker – woooppppeeee, this means you can create a survey then does not end up becoming lots of scrap pieces of paper flying around the ACS-Egham campus. Guess what else it does, Stellar also analyses your questionnaires for you, but you will then have to export the data so that you can produce charts in Excel. Sheesh so easy. Also check in your project guide and find the hints to creating a good questionnaire, it is important it does not limit the person.
  • Then create your questionnaire on Stellar Survey remember the survey will be used after you have worn your garment and graphic design at school for one day – you will be able to publish and send a link via email to anyone that sees your t-shirt/garment during that day – including students and teachers. The more questionnaires that get filled the better the results will be. DO NOT publish your questionnaire until I come back, although you can send me a link to check it via email if you would like.
  • Comment upon one other weblog post on Techbribe – the comment should be about the work or the content of the post itself. Make sure the comment is sensible/mature and does not include names.
  • Finally evaluate the Techbribe weblog and how it is being used. Look back at a variety of posts and explain which you think are most successful and useful and why? Think if you think there could be any improvements to the weblog and explain what these are. Explain what a weblog is and how it is different from a website? Find three other weblogs on the internet that you consider interesting examples, explain why and add the links into your document. The finished document should be one side of A4 and placed into your evaluation section of your portfolio, add screenshots if possible of the other weblogs.
  • If you have not yet subscribed to this weblog via email -DO SO NOW, just type your email in the subscribe box on the right and follow the instructions. Its as easy as that!
  • BUY your item clothing!

Apart from that have fun, any questions problems leave them as a comment on this post or email me.

Oct 31

Gizmotron’s wckd 3D logos

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Have you ever looked at one of those awesome company logos and thought to yourself: “I wonder how they do that”? The honest truth is that it’s actually very easy on Illustrator. All you’ve got to do is watch the video that I’ve attached to be on your way to becoming a real graphic designer. The video goes through the entire process step by step whilst explaining the reasoning behind each operation. Although the tutorial teacher is obviously a complete Illustrator Whiz, I found myself understanding and anxious to get started. I’m so anxious, in fact, that I’m just going to stop writing this and start making some wicked 3D designs.

TUTVID’S Awesome 3D Tutorial

Later, Gizmo

Oct 19

Why Bob Geldof?

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For our I.T. project we had to chose a revolutionary figure. Obviously i chose Bob Geldof, but why?

Bob Geldof (Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof) started off as a wannabe rock star with a band called the Boomtown Rats. He didn’t claim much fame that way but he wasn’t just an ordinary rock star, he actually cared about the world around him. After watching a t.v. news report about starving children in Africa he wanted to do something to help. In 1984, using the connections he had in the music industry he organized 40 British pop musicians to come and record the hit single “Do they know its Christmas”.

Bob G

The studio donated a day to record the hit and all the musician donated their time. The single ended up being untaxed but the government and all of the money made by the song and the preceding ‘Band Aid’ concert was given to the famine problem in Africa. This is why i chose him. How he was able to redirect his focus onto such a noble cause and use the thing he loved doing to do it. His image can also be easily altered.

Oct 19

Floydy69: About T-Shirt Competitions

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Threadless is a website where anyone can submit an idea that they want to be created into a T-Shirt. People will vote on the design and decide if it should be created into a T-Shirt. If the design gets enough votes. If you win then it is created into a T-Shirt design and you are paid $2,000 given a $500 gift certificate(or $200 cash) and every time it is re-printed you are paid $500.

However you can’t just submit any design it must vector design, must be 100×70 pixel thumbnail, must have 5 unique colors or less, no inappropriate detail and you must use there template.

This means when we create our design we have to make sure the design is not to colorful and the most important thing is to submit it with the template and at the right size.

To go to Threadless to look at T-Shirt designs or to look in more detail about their specifications go to –Threadless Logo

Oct 16

Remember when posting to the weblog ….

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Yes Grade 10’s you should have posted to this weblog your first article by Friday, but remember the following points:-

  • Your post should be at least 150 words long, and have good grammar and spelling. (HINT: Use Firefox it comes with its own spell-check!, just right click or control click if you are a MAC head on words underlined in red and auto-correct.)
  • Your post should have link and a picture/ photo/ screenshot relevant to the article.
  • The article should be interesting and informative both to fellow classmates and anyone else viewing the website. So background to your article is important.
  • You should make sure your writing style reflects that you are speaking to an audience.
  • Your article must respect your and others privacy so no student names, use only aliases.
  • If you use other media such as a Youtube video, you must provide an explanation of why you have included it. Obviously all material should be appropriate for a public website.

That’s about it remember you will have a variety of students viewing the weblog, so make sure your articles are interesting and well written! ( P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get all the updates straight to your Inbox Front Door)

Oct 11

Checking back to Techbribe – For Resources…

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Thought about your colouring, decided on your style SO now you are drawing in Illustrator. Well remember to check out new tutorials so that they continue to build and help your skills in producing graphics in Illustrator – YouTube is great to see how other amateur artists do work as well. You will need to be doing work over half term on your graphic icon design so download the demo version of Illustrator from here – Demo HERE.

Remember when you are feeling down – Until the next time you ‘Take the techbribe’… :)~

Oct 09

Okay you have completed the Investigation…

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TracingWithPenTool…you have a great plan and you have finalised your ideas on paper. SO WHAT NOW you ask! Now comes the difficult part and the time for you to create your idea in Illustrator. Remember you have until the 30th October so you have time to perfect and try out many ways of producing your revolutionary figure as a pop icon.

First you will need to make sure you have thought of a style that will reflect your design idea and help the message that you are trying to convey. Obviously you will be using vector graphics but what style will you try and convey. Check these sites out for some inspiration:-

  • Peter Fowler’s wonderful Monsterism Site – Cartoony graphics
  • Or go for a graffiti style – by getting inspiration from Banksy or the Written on the City Site
  • Maybe the sketchy drawn graphics of Wada Nanahiro might be the way to go – note no playing of his games during class
  • Maybe older graphic styles might inspire you – have a look at these retro Mexican Lottery Cards for example
  • Think of cultural ideas and graphics that might enhance your design , the use of Arabic calligraphy could suggest different ideas or meanings.

Another words when you have answered your Guided Question and know what your icon and T-Shirt must represent, looking for inspiration from other areas besides your initial investigations into the figure will help you. Remember always show evidence of this in your portfolio.

So what then….‘sheesh Dr Tech is asking for alot huh‘. Well you must think carefully about colour, remember the site that you are entering your design too usually has regulations of you using only 4 or 5 colours. This suits vector graphics but it means you will have to carefully choose those colours and make sure they are harmonious. First of all watch the videos here related to which colours represent which emotions. Then test out your colour ideas with this interactive colour wheel – it even allows you to export those colours as swatches to Illustrator!

One last thing – remember to always be trying out new ideas and skills within Illustrator, don’t let the application/tool stop you from creating what you would like to do. Remember to use the video tutorials at Atomic Learning, at the Adobe site , check Veerle’s blog and also all the hand-outs that Dr Tech has provided in the classroom – THE MORE TUTES you do the better your design will be.

Over this week you must show evidence to me (e.g. analysis and work in folder) that you have investigated style ideas, colour ideas and other techniques related to your design. Obviously you should be starting to produce prototypes of your graphic ideas. From next week, I will be asking you to publish work on this weblog so beware and make sure you are fulfilling all assessment criteria :)~

Remember to check back to the weblog regularly for updates and resources for you to use!