Dec 05

The flash animation that I found was to promote the Fair Trade organization. Fair Trade is a group that makes sure that that farmers that grow and sell products such as chocolate, coffee, honey, bananas, and many others. The flash animation showed the benefits for the farmers buy donating or buying Fair Trade products. Some of these benefits included being able to better support their families by having more money to buy general items and being able to send their children to school.

I have always been very interested in the Fair Trade organization and have wished to further research into its other benefits. I have also tried in the past to buy Fair Trade products in stores when I would see them, such as chocolate bars or coffee.

Fair Trade Flash Animation

Oct 31

Blogging Rights

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Blogging is an excellent method for expressing opinion. Whether it’s politics, technology, film, music, or any other topic, bloggers are constantly expressing their feelings and thoughts. However, there is a limit on what you can and can’t say depending on where you live.

Bloggers around the world have been arrested and/or fined for some things they have said on their blogs. In Egypt, Abdel Kareem Soliman was sentenced to four years prison for criticizing al-Azhar university (A top Islamic University) and claiming that it “suppressed free thought”. In his blog, he also attacked President Hosni Mubarak, calling him a dictator. Tracy Williams, a British college lecturer who called a British politician Michael-Keith Smith a “nazi” and a “racist bigot” as well as many other offensive names. Williams was forced to pay £10,000 in damages, as well as £7,200 in compensation for Smith.

While blogging is a great way of expressing opinion, it is always worth watching what you say; regardless of country.

Click here to read an interesting article about how companies look at blogs.

Jul 28

Welcome Students to your Technology blog…

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runningsilhouettelogo2.jpgThis is just an quick introduction to test that this blog is up and running and to introduce what is it here for. Yes there is a reason for …Techbribe… but why the name? Well for all you students out there who take technology as a right that must be used, it questions whether we are being bribed to consume and use technology in modern times. Hopefully during your courses in technology at ACS-Egham you will be able to come to your own conclusions to whether having the latest MacBook Pro is a must or not?

So I have explained the rather weird title, but what is this weblog for? Well simply for all students that are studying MYP technology courses to be able to have one area where you can not only find out information related to courses, projects, technology news and much more…but also hopefully an area where you can also publish and share good work and ideas. We will hopefully select student authors throughout the year that will be able to publish posts and writing to this weblog, along with photos and podcasts explaining their work. So make sure you check this blog as often as possible, or you can use the email subscription option so you will always receive an email every time something is posted. This could be extremely useful if one of your teachers publishes homework or resources that can help you.

Until the 23rd of August, enjoy your summer. Here is a little bit of music to keep you amused until then (Note any music published is on a temporary basis, and will be taken down within one week.)