Feb 08

Tortoise 2 – A How To Review…

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A how-to video should meet certain requirements in order to be effective and clear. The following are my criteria for good how-to videos:

– Clear visual image and audio

-Different types of filming techniques to grab the viewers’ attention

-Subtitles to aid the video in putting forth its message

-A professional to demonstrate how to execute the instructions

This is a video on how to care for baby tortoises and it displays all the proper qualities and advice that a how-to video should have. This is the video link: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-care-for-baby-tortoises
The camera work was very good with lots of different angles and techniques used to grab the attention of the people watching the video. For example, close-ups, and extreme close-ups often being used to show how to handle the tortoise, etc. This is important as this allows the viewer to inspect closely how a professional handles a tortoise. The image and the audio were clear, which ensures that the viewer doesn’t misinterpret steps. The steps are also given in a logical concise manner, this also prevents misunderstanding and is easy to follow, when looking after a baby tortoise. In making how-to videos, subtitles, or text are helpful because it allows the viewer to jot down any notes that he/she wants to write down for future reference. In my opinion, what helped a lot in this video was the fact that an actual professional went through the steps, showing the people watching just what to do. To sum up, this video gets the message across very easily through the good use of camera techniques, clear audio, short concise subtitles, and the help of a professional guiding you through the steps.

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Feb 08

My system is simply based, but it is the basic five-six requirements for a good film and ‘How To’ videos. Here are all the points and an explanation why it needs to be there.

Editing- Editing is VERY important! If a film has good editing, then it will be smooth and easy to watch. If the film keeps snapping to other camera angles, then people will stop watching the film because the camera cuts too often!

Audio- If the audio quality is good, then your film will be successful. The two pillars of a film are video quality and audio quality. If the video quality fails, at least the audio can make up for it. If it is clear and the sound is loud enough to hear, you have a good video.

Video- The video must not be blurry and hard to see! That defeats the point of watching a video! The video must be easy to see and understand, and this is the main pillar so if the video quality fails along with the audio, your in trouble then.

Style/Concept/Planning- I might not be one for this, but I have to say that planning and practicing your film before you actually capture it is imperative. Do something improvised and on the spot films can usually end in a flop if you accidentally mess up your point.

Cinematography- Any film can be made without this, but this is the support that is on top of audio and video. The film needs smooth camera work so that your point can be made and also the fact that it creates a nice feel to the film. Cinematography is supposed to create a natural feel, which makes the camera more from a person’s perspective rather then from an electronic camera.

Content- Well, I’m not supposed to exactly count this but good content makes the overall film worth watching!

Here are two ‘How To’ films, the first one has all or at least most of these qualities that I have listed and the other one completely misses the point.

Video One-

This video cannot be bothered to stream it self. Watch it here!

Video Two-

Jan 17

3 Days to go and counting…

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Yes it is coming to the end of the semester and therefore the end of this project. By Friday you should be ready to bind your portfolio and post your flash animation.

Here are some following pointers to check:-

With your animation make sure that it has enough skills, so check the guide but basically if you have the following you have enough:- button for interactivity, some forms of tweens, importing of sound. Apart from that as long as it fulfills the clients specification you should be fine.

In the creation section I am expecting to see as many annotated screenshots as possible showing how your work developed…DO NOT FORGET THIS!

Remember you must get feedback for your animation from both users and your client. Feedback can be int he form of an online survey and also an interview with your client. Make sure it is realistic, a client never fully loves your work! The feedback MUST be analysed with the use of spreadsheet software to provide easy to understand graphs explaining the successes and failures of your animation.

Your Evaluation must also be in-depth focusing on the following areas:-

  • Your performance -including problems you had with Flash, include screen shots of errors especially with action scripting
  • Evaluated against your specification – e.g. what your client needed did you fulfill it?
  • Analysis of the survey …as suggested above
  • Improvements – what you could do in the future
  • Against your GANT chart – were your planning and times correct, if not why not?
  • AND OF COURSE – you must review the initial guided questions and say how this project has altered your views…

Finally…pheww…remember to upload your animation to a weblog post. DO NOT just upload the animation with a link, but also add your evaluation of the animation into the post so it means something to the readers of this weblog. Also email your animations to your relevant teacher. Make sure you upload your animation as an exported .swf file ad not the Flash .fla file. Ask your teacher if that confuses you.

Nov 12

VectorMagic – And time for Manufacture and Upload.

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Convert Bitmap to Vector on the FLY! Things just get easier and easier in the graphics world, there is now a Web 2.0 based tool that allows you to turn your bitmap pixelated images into vectors -perfect for help with your T-shirt designs! Just go to this website VectorMagic to have a go.

So its four days to go until final deadline – YES THAT IS ON FRIDAY!

You will need to print and manufacture your design early in the week, and then evaluate and survey how good your design is later in the week. If you are unsure how to manufacture and make your design with the iron on transfer here is a few pointers also check this website:-

  • Choose the correct paper – for either dark or light materials!
  • Make sure you print on the correct side, the side without a pattern on it. AND MIRROR THE IMAGE if you have writing on your design…
  • Do not use steam with your iron.
  • When ironing on your T-Shirt iron on a hard surface not your ironing board.
  • Make sure you cover the transfer with grease proof paper and a cloth before ironing.
  • Iron should be as hot as possible before you begin.
  • When cutting and trimming your design think about the way you want it to show and the position on the T-shirt.

Check and search the web, for further tips. If it goes wrong you have a second piece of transfer paper to have a go, after that you will need to buy your own paper. You can order it from here or go and buy it in places like PC World.

I will need to see evidence in your portfolio that you have submitted your design to a competition website like Threadless, either through print-out of submission or the design being voted upon (fingers crossed on the website!)

Remember your questionnaire should discuss the overall success of your design related to your GQ’s and also other issues like colour and style of your design. Don’t forget to check in your project booklet for the criteria to see if you are missing anything in your portfolio – it should be presented consistently ready for hand-in on Friday with your manufactured product.

Good luck, any problem come and see Dr Tech.