Nov 24

Cutting List – Final Targets Before Making

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Here are you’re next targets…and while Dr Tech is away make sure all of this is completed.

Leave your cutting lists with the cover teacher- and I will be able to organise materials for next week. At home you should be finishing either your CAD or cardboard models…

Jan 30

Advice for Your ‘What is Technology’ Presentation…

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You will have one lesson to prepare before the presentation, so that you do not emulate the cartoon above we hope. Your presentations will be made in a random order. The presentation that wins will have there mind-map embedded in this weblog – wooopppeee! So here is the advice:-

  • You must be able to quickly login to your chosen online application, and show the class the mind-map you have created.
  • Each of you must speak about one area of the mind-map, with the discussion finishing off on the usability of the online application. Think specifically what the word usability means and its advantages and disadvantages to a desktop application.
  • You should have a print out of your mind-map, neatly presented on one sheet of A4 paper. This will mean you will need to export the file to your local computer before printing.
  • Your teacher will be judging each of you individually on your ability to communicate, your ideas of technology initially and then if you believe from the videos that you saw it is making you and then more generally the world a happier place. Examples for or against this decision would be appropriate.
  • The presentation should be no more than 3 minutes, so some areas of the mind-map you might like to leave for the audience to simply read. This is your decision
  • Leave time for questions after the three minutes, from the audience and your teacher.
Jan 22


I hope through the course of these two projects, which yes have been difficult and demanding both in terms of organisation and the learning of skills and IT based literacies to complete the products, that you have gained an insight into how technology can or maybe could be used to change a persons views and maybe make a difference. There are many opposing viewpoints to how people either view technology as the saviour of our world in the future or in fact that the opposite might be true as humanity becomes a slave of its own designs and uses of technology.

So for your last lesson you have a four things to do:-

  1. Freerice – If you don’t want to think, then go hear and try to give the highest number of bowls of rice in one lesson, and finish with the highest vocabulary level AND feed someone :)~
  2. BigThink – Can technology make us happy? -to finish your thoughts on the whole technology guided question issue, go visit this site and watch the short video. Do you agree or disagree, join and leave a comment response.
  3. Check if you have any outstanding posts to finish, or by the end of the lesson they will be deleted.
  4. Add a final comment to this post, giving advice to the Grade 9’s about how to use this weblog.
  5. Finally attempt Samarost 2 – an Interactive Flash Animation to beat all others.

Enjoy Design and Technology. Your IT grades will be available from Monday, you will be able to collect your project portfolios only in the final term along with the T-Shirt products.

Jan 21

Namco’s Animation

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After long hours of working, the final animation is here. I was slightly disappointed as I found a sound file that would work perfectly for this animation. However, I had some problems adjusting the start and end of the file, even after looking at the Help Menu. So, below I have not only my animation and my survey, but a movie file showing what I wanted to have as a finished project.

St John’s Animation

Below is the movie file which I wanted my animation to look like.

St John’s Movie

Below is my survey. Please fill it in.
I hope you enjoyed this post.

Jan 17

3 Days to go and counting…

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Yes it is coming to the end of the semester and therefore the end of this project. By Friday you should be ready to bind your portfolio and post your flash animation.

Here are some following pointers to check:-

With your animation make sure that it has enough skills, so check the guide but basically if you have the following you have enough:- button for interactivity, some forms of tweens, importing of sound. Apart from that as long as it fulfills the clients specification you should be fine.

In the creation section I am expecting to see as many annotated screenshots as possible showing how your work developed…DO NOT FORGET THIS!

Remember you must get feedback for your animation from both users and your client. Feedback can be int he form of an online survey and also an interview with your client. Make sure it is realistic, a client never fully loves your work! The feedback MUST be analysed with the use of spreadsheet software to provide easy to understand graphs explaining the successes and failures of your animation.

Your Evaluation must also be in-depth focusing on the following areas:-

  • Your performance -including problems you had with Flash, include screen shots of errors especially with action scripting
  • Evaluated against your specification – e.g. what your client needed did you fulfill it?
  • Analysis of the survey …as suggested above
  • Improvements – what you could do in the future
  • Against your GANT chart – were your planning and times correct, if not why not?
  • AND OF COURSE – you must review the initial guided questions and say how this project has altered your views…

Finally…pheww…remember to upload your animation to a weblog post. DO NOT just upload the animation with a link, but also add your evaluation of the animation into the post so it means something to the readers of this weblog. Also email your animations to your relevant teacher. Make sure you upload your animation as an exported .swf file ad not the Flash .fla file. Ask your teacher if that confuses you.

Jan 16

Don’t be a lurker…You know who you are?

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Just noticed while tidying up that there are some students and so aliases that have not posted at all this semester – YIKES. Note we will take that into consideration when discussing final semester grades! So here we go to name and shame….bagl92, the cello fellow, the businessman, pasta, mjewjewTS, Man Utd, K-boy, fouf, bob and for some reason CRASH (shocking!)

Look forward to all of you posting over the next few days, making sure you have posted your wonderful animations and links to your surveys for feedback!

Jan 15

End of Semester – You Are Lucky!

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Well we have checked the calendar and based on this saying end of semester is on Monday/Tuesday and also due to the rigours of your exam schedule this week, we have been able to extend the deadline to Monday for students that have their double Technology lesson on Monday, and for Tuesday for those who have their double lesson on Tuesday. This is the absolute final deadline as we the have to, mark all projects and write reports in two days! If you hand in before this we will take this into account when grading the portfolio. Anything handed in after these dates will not be graded within the final mark.

The binding machine will be available from Friday – so do not leave it to the last minute.

Check before you bind your work, so that you can improve anything within the folio. Concentrate on presentation but also that all work is analysed and as such tells the reader what you are doing throughout the design process to solve the original problem.

Jan 08

While Dr Tech is Away at BETT – Cover for Grade 10/1

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Well do I need to say much, except yes TIME IS YOUR ENEMY and you have the final deadline to work towards Friday the 18th January. Yes that means that you should have finished your whole portfolio, ring bound it and published or passed on to me your animation as both a .flv and .swf file.

I would recommend that by now you have finished your animation and are doing the following:-

  1. Writing your evaluation – see the guide
  2. Publishing your questionnaire ready to receive feedback and to make sure that this time you ANALYSE your results using spreadsheet software
  3. Make sure that in your creation section you have screen-shots of all your work and animation as it evolved from the start….remember the screen-shots must have analysis against the specification
  4. Be writing your final blog post, with the animation
  5. Checking as with your last portfolio that all work is titled, annotated, organised and MAKES SENSE ready to bind in your finished portfolio.

If you are behind there is no excuse, you can come back after school any day this and next week. Do not waste your time…

Jan 04

The Holidays Are Almost Over :(~

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Yes just a little reminder to say that time is running out, so I hope you have been working hard on those animations. There are in fact only 15 more sleeps left until final hand-in of this project (check out the widget to your left)….so don;t panic but organise yourselves and check you are on target according to your Gantt Charts?

While you are working away check out the following tune, to hum while you work :)~

Nov 15

Warnings and FINAL FINAL deadlines…

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All Grade 10 students be aware of the different manufacturing process for the dark and light types of transfer paper. For the light transfer paper, you iron on the opposite side of the image. For the dark transfer paper you iron on the side you have printed on but with tracing/greaseproof paper over the top of it! Don’t make the mistake that I or Darthtater made. Please download Crashes printing guide which gives you further help and guidance – PrintingTechnique

Due to problems with manufacturing you have been given this final extension to the deadlines – but these are final as published:-

  • Group 1 – Monday at end of P2.
  • Group 2 – Tuesday at end of P2

For final hand-in/ deadline I expect you to hand me both your folio organised and your printed product in a clear plastic sleeve/ wallet. Your folio should obviously be in design cycle order, all work must have a header and footer and a title. Here is some final pointers about your work:-

  1. All work should have titles – think about if someone else that had never seen your project would they be able to understand the processes that you went through?
  2. All work, graphics, printouts must have analysis and annotation about what you are doing and thinking otherwise it is worthless.Ring Binding
  3. Your work should show consistent presentation throughout (Headers and Footers will help!)
  4. Your work is going to be taken out of your folder and ring-bound, so produce a title – front cover page maybe of yourself in your garment with image? You might produce section headings of some sort as well.
  5. You MUST MUST check the criteria for each section, and improve items that you think will bring down your grade for that section. Check my notes to help with you on your assessment sheet.
  6. When uploading to the website – make sure you have evidence, if you receive feedback include this in your evaluation.
  7. Don’t forget that while Dr Tech was away you should have evaluated the use of the weblog as a class tool – one A4 sheet saying what you think the positives and negatives of using such a weblog are? Does it help with collaboration, is it interesting and educational to publish work…what do you think?
  8. Your survey results should be analysed – please include a blank copy of your survey in your folio and then the results. Add a sheet with charts and graphics explaining what your survey showed – use spreadsheet software to do this.
  9. The evaluation should be in-depth, and look specifically at your GANT chart – have you met deadlines. Be honest. Also evaluate your performance, the product, the survey results, improvements you could make (there always are improvements!), the manufacturing process and using Threadless or Split the Atom.

Above all – your design folio should show the whole process in a clear and consistent way showing how you have solved the initial question and problem.

P.S. Once finished don’t sit back, help by feeding the world – just scroll down and click on the free-rice logo.