Jun 02

My Animation Idea…

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For my animation i am going to do a video showing the world the effects of cosmetic and medical testing on animals. What I want to show by the creating of this animation is what multi million pound company. This video shows what Monkeys are subjected to.

For my animation I am going use pandas and song to illustrate the cruelty in which some animals are treated. I am going to call my animation panda song. In this animation I’m going to have pandas bobbing their heads and singing about animal cruelty. At some parts in this video they are going to sing about other animals. For this animation I am planning to use flash animation software.

In this animation I am going to use a variety of different effects including monition tween and monition pathway software. This will give my animation movement. I am going to make my animation funny because adolescence generally remembers things better when they enjoy them. In my animation I am going to make that point that using animals for medical and cosmetic testing needs to be stopped.


May 31

Screenplay Planning / Flash Skills / Comments and ‘How-To’ Winner?

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Grade 9’s, Dr Tech here with a few comments and reminders about both projects that are running at the moment. Time as always is your enemy with both projects as you only have 3 weeks left to finish both – but remember you are only producing a product this time not any evidence/portfolio work.

Screenplay reminders:-

  • I would imagine you will be filming over the next week and a bit, so producers and directors will need to make sure that everyone is organised and ready for filming on particular days and times. You can film during lesson times, but you will also have to film afterschool or at lunchtimes to get everything done.
  • Make sure all information is placed onto your film pin boards so that everyone in the class knows what they are doing.
  • Once you have filmed a scene, remember to pass this onto the film editors as they can start editing that scene straight away.
  • Students have been asking if there will be a FOSCARS, and the answer is there is no time. The three films will be shown at an assembly if you all manage to film in time, and we can also make voting forms to see which is the best.

Animation 4 Action Reminders:-

  • Remember not only to watch your teachers demos for Flash skills, but to search out your own either on YouTube or other sites.
  • Here are some other great tutorial sites:- Webwasp, GotoAndLearn, Smashing, Cartoon Smart , Flash Banner Tutorials and there are many more….just go out and search…
  • Remember all you have to do is produce an animation promoting your organisation and cause, the style and content is up to you!
  • Note check your guide to see all the skills you should use within your animation for it to be of a high enough standard for a good creation grade!

Comment Fever:-

If you thought no-one else but Egham students read this blog, check the comment placed onto Geologyrocks latest post below. Have you checked comments on your post? –Comments from afar on geologyrocks post. Make sure you comment on each others posts, communicating and networking is the best way to learn and share ideas!

How-To Winner:-

So far the ‘How-To’ video with best reviews is called – ‘How To Breakdance’ (Note you will need to login to see the video!).I have not closed off voting and reviews yet so things could change?

May 31

WWF – Adopt a Panda Animation

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WWF adopt a panda you can adopt a panda in asia and help sponsor it. For just £2.50 a month you can support a panda. By supporting a panda you wil recieve a packet of panda related goodies and provide enough money to support a panda for a year. Your £2.50 a month will help protect the pandas, provide more conservation land for them and help care for injured pandas.

WWF’s giant panda programme has been working for 25 years now and since the start of the programme wild numbers of pandas have grown to around 1600 pandas and they have created sixty giant panda reserves. WWF have been working with the Chinese Government to make sure there are more areas in China where the giant panda can find the food it needs and live in safety. The panda is incredibly vulnerable to habitat loss and bamboo loss which is the pandas main source of food. Due to expansion of villages and cities pandas which used to be free to roam throughout china are now limited to an area only about 1.2 km wide. WWF works with the chinese government and local communities to reduce these threats to the panda by increasing the size of conservation areas and helping local people to be less dependent on forest resources

Donating to WWF will benefit the Pandas, the environment and the local community. Here is a sample of my flash animation skills so far – Dr Tech says be careful this is a little psychadelic – wow-man!

May 21

Energy Saving Light Bulbs…Animation 4 Action…

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I have decided to promote energy saving light bulbs. I was inpired after finding the video below, trying to get something about just about penguins originally. These light bulbs only use a fifth of energy used in ordinary light bulbs, saving you money!

They might cost a little more, but the bills will make up for it and the saved energy can be used for other things. I’ll make my animation for it like an advert to raise awareness. I’d like to make it in the style of Michael Swain, who uses humor as his main tool. His Blockhead series (especially with the later episodes) is something that just has to be seen. I’ll make it a good length for an interesting advert, with lots of detail and good art like the Swain himself.

May 21

Environmental Working Organization – Animation for Action

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The organization that I will be supporting is the Environmental Working Organization (EWO). This is an organization that is, at least in part, is anti-pesticides. They are concerned about the effect of these toxins on humans and are trying to prove that they are harmful to the point that they should be banned.

I have decided that I will do an animation that overstates the effects of pesticides. I had this idea last night while I was watching t.v., so it may need some development, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It will be a video showing a person standing next to the earth and spraying pesticides on it. Flowers will be growing and smiling and people will be eating the fruit off of the trees and being generally happy. It will cut to a screen saying “This is what they want you to think.” It will then fade to a scene saying “This is what’s really happening.” The music will suddenly pick up and the screen will go red. The image will be of a person holding a flamethrower and burning the earth. Yes, it is a bit extreme.

This video will hopefully have a minor, subconscious effect on people and they will hopefully remember the animation. It is designed to make people subconsciously believe that pesticides are worse than they had thought. It will also hopefully make people look into the EWO a bit more. My animation is extreme so that it has more effect than a realistic animation might.

These are examples of what I am aiming for:

The Door

Pivot Randosity

I hope for videos similar to this, but maybe of higher quality. I liked the effects in “The Door” and the general animation and walking in “Pivot Randosity”.

Just some music…

Jan 21

Namco’s Animation

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After long hours of working, the final animation is here. I was slightly disappointed as I found a sound file that would work perfectly for this animation. However, I had some problems adjusting the start and end of the file, even after looking at the Help Menu. So, below I have not only my animation and my survey, but a movie file showing what I wanted to have as a finished project.

St John’s Animation

Below is the movie file which I wanted my animation to look like.

St John’s Movie

Below is my survey. Please fill it in.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Jan 18

I choose to use Schlumberger as my organization to support. Schlumberger is an oil research company that books contracts with BP, Exxon Mobil, and Shell. Schlumberger is contracted to search different areas around the world, on the land or in the sea. After years of success, they have implemented a ‘Green’ policy. They have made changes from the on shore offices to the field.

This is the final product for my Schlumberger.

In this flash I am trying to promote the new Green policy for the company by showing the mix of pictures from both fossil fuel and renewable energy sources. Schlumberger (It’s French)

I forgot to add the link to the survey for my Schlumberger (It’s French) FLASH- AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Here it is


Don’t Enjoi

Jan 15

Childline: the Savior – By Gizmo

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In order to create a flash animation that appropriately advertises a good cause, it is necessary to learn from the examples of others. For my first investigation piece, I will study the effectiveness of the attached video advertising Childline – a free children’s hot line number available around the clock for kids who need advice.

The intended message of this video is that Childline helps children re-attain their happiness despite the obstacles in their way. The problem with this message, however is that it is too vague; people viewing the commercial wouldn’t be sure whether Childline wants them to donate money to them, or whether the intended audience are the troubled children. To fix this confusion, the makers of the video could have included text saying either “These children are in need. Give them your help and call 08000 55 555, or “Children: if you need to talk to someone, simply call 08000 55 555”.

Despite this minor confusion, the video is very successful as it progresses chronologically through a young girl’s troubles and shows how she goes from crying at the beginning to smiling at the end thanks to Childline. Another effective mechanism of the flash animation is the change in song once the word Childline appears on the screen. This contrast makes Childline seem more helpful to the girl. Another evident contrast in the flash was the change in colours. These also changed after the word ‘Childline’ appeared on the screen from a dreary, dark set of blues and blacks, to a bright and cheerful set of bright greens and whites. This also highlights the viewer’s appreciation for the hotline, and strengthens the message that it helps children.

Dec 19

Greenpeace: “While politicians are still talking, we are getting active!”

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As the client for my project I chose the Slovak branch of Greenpeace, particularly the project Solar Generation.

Solar Generation is made up of young people from all over the world taking action against climate change and calling for a clean energy future. Solar Generation, initiated by Greenpeace in 2003, is now active in Germany, Switzerland, France, China, Thailand, the Philippines, India, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Indonesia, Togo, Kenya, Uganda, US and Australia.


Dec 19

The organisation that I want to do is none other than St John’s. This is not only a branch of well trained doctors and nurses. St John’s allows you to save lives with their various programs designed for kids ages 10 and up. If you are interested in joining this program because it seems interesting, then prepare yourself for a tough course. Saving lives does not require dedication and determination. It requires a certain knowledge about the human body as well. If you’re not interested in learning biology outside of school, don’t let that deprive you of a great opportunity. St John’s is successful, mainly in the UK (there are branches all over the world, but the UK is the most successful branch). Maybe you could be in the news for saving someone’s life or being committed to the organisation. I strongly recommend that you look at their programs. Go to www.sja.org to find out more. It willl be really beneficial to you.

Returning to my progress, the client related tasks have not been covered yet. Otherwise, I am almost done with the Investigate and will probably work on the end of the Design and the start of Create during the holidays. I haven’t talked to my client about the project, which is my main goal for this week. I will ask this person to e-mail me over the vacation. There is nothing else to say, though I am beginning to take a real interest in the functions of Flash.

Dec 10

Investigation into Motion Tween

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For this project we have been asked to create a animation using Flash CS3. We decided on a client to produce our animation for, i decided on Diabetes. The majority of us started looking into Flash straight away and motion tween is the first tool i looked into. Then i looked further into shape tween and trail tween. This tutorial below is what i created for the motion tween tool.

This helps with being able to move the item across the page and will help any animation because most animations tend to have some sort of movement on them so this is an important tool and the most basic. There are rules to use the motion tween but if you stick to the rules it is easy to use and can produce many animations by one tool.
Investigation into Motion Tween

Dec 03

Size of Your Stage – What animation are you producing?

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As you start to think about design of your project you must think about your interview with your client and what they want. Your specification should have at least 5 detailed points about what you need to produce to solve their problem. One of those points should include the size of your animation and how long it will be, remember the animation can be for anywhere including:-

  1. A Banner Advertisement – Check How Banner Adverts for more information and specifics about the size they can be? Some great banner advertisement tutorials can also be found here at Lukamaras.
  2. Introduction to website – Any size although the length of the animation will be very important.
  3. Animation for YouTube or another video sharing site – Check out a tutorial here which might help.
  4. Animation for a mobile phone? This is a little more tricky as you will need to design for a particular mobile device. For an introduction in how to use Adobe Device Central

Remember to always be improving your skills along the way, their is a list of skills that you need to accomplish in the guide! Don’t forget Atomic Learning has some simple but fabulous video tutorials too.

Dec 03

Tigre Talks-Excellent Flash Animation Tutorial Site- So Listen!

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Hey everyone its Tigre, I have found an outstandingly, brownilicious, good Flash Animation Tutorial Site. It has so many tips, hints, and tutorials, it is just amazing how much it has. Well here are a few screenshots of the website and I hope you find as useful as I have.

Screenshot Flash 1_1.JPGScreenshot_Flash_2.JPG

Website: http://animation.about.com/od/flashanimationtutorials/Flash_Animation_Tutorials_StepbyStep_Lessons.htm

Good luck with your projects!


Nov 30

Namco and the RSPCA

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The animation/video that I have chosen is by the RSPCA. It is trying to convey that there are some animals that are homeless. They have advertised their new policy of Adopt a pet where animals can be adopted just by ordering online. It does not truly succeed because the animation makes its purpose too obvious. They tell the audience what they want but they make it too clear. Also the mood of the animation is too joyful and does not reflect the message that is conveyed. Homeless animals are a depressing issue rather than a joyful one.

However, the animation itself is very good. The 3D effects look stunning, despite the fact that it reminds people of Sim City. The movement, colour and sound are synchronised and the artistic work is detailed. You can see the fur on the animals and the detail put into the faces of the animals. This animation does not change my view on this subject for one reason. The way in which the message is conveyed is so devoid of the realism of the issue. It might make you want to buy a pet, but it does not make you want to make a difference.

Click here for the video.

Nov 28

To investigate in my project, I looked at a flash animation trying to say something important. The animation I viewed was called Neglected Sky, an award winning animation by John Cooney.

The main message the animation is trying to convey is that even with small steps, we can come a long way from preventing disaster and global warming. We don’t need to stop global warming by finding chemical solutions, we just need to take many small actions against the cause, and the problem will be solved much more easily.

This animation succeeds because of it’s simplicity. There is no colour, there is no dialogue, and no fancy effects, just extremely minimalist animation and music. Had Neglected Sky had too many special effects and sound effects, it would come off as just another global warming cartoon as it gives the same message as any other cartoon. However, Neglected Sky stands out because of it’s lack of special effects and music. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

This cartoon doesn’t change the way I feel about the cause, as I know all about global warming. Had I watched this film not knowing much about global warming, I would have been really compelled to make a difference.

Nov 21

Congratulations at finishing but now time to move on – Wednesday while Dr Tech is away – Grade 10 Group 1

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Yes Dr Tech has to attend a very important meeting (hmm?) related to Improving Education through Technology in the 21st Century – so while I am having so much fun what will you be doing? Well yes you can all pat yourselves on the back at finishing the T-Shirt – Pop Icons as a Revolution Project. But unfortunately you will need to start thinking about your next and final project for MYP IT, and the main project your final Technology MYP grade will be based on. Hmmm…so what is it, well that would be telling….

But after the initial YouTUBE hint in my last post and after today’s little investigation you might be getting the idea. Watch these following animation/videos by apple clicking on the links. They all try in some way or another to get a message across:-


You must then analyse these animation/videos at first for each write a paragraph explaining:-

  • What is the main message this animation/video is trying to convey?
  • Does this animation succeed – if not why not?
  • By what mechanisms does this animation/video become effective e.g. movement, colour, 3D, sound….?
  • Do you think this animation can change how you feel about a subject/cause?

Now think of the videos in a more general way and in two or three paragraphs answer the following guided questions which you will then test and look at again when you come to the completion of your next project. Use specific examples from the above animations and then your more general ideas and thoughts. If possible find your own examples to discuss. Remember you can either agree or disagree to the following questions:-

  1. Does multimedia animation educate an audience in a more focused and better way than text/still images or in fact any other media?
  2. Can Technology enable and motivate the human race to change on a worldwide scale to solve its problems?

Remember to note down any sources you use in a mini bibliography. You should produce a coherent document in Word by the end of the lesson, so don’t spend too much time enjoying the videos. If you do finish search the web for another animation that you think conveys any important message to you about the world – add the link as a comment to this post.