May 28

What my Jobs Entail for the Movie Project – (Head of Lighting+)

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Head of Lighting -Jobs:-

  • Deciding on the equipment that we will use
  • Making sure that the people controlling the lights (probably me and fudgesalad) are doing the right things at the right time.
  • Working closely with the director on the script and where the actors are to maximise the usefulness of the lighting.
  • Deciding where the cameras should be, as well as the general equipment used in the scene.


  • Some technical experience
  • Basic knowledge of what the director intends for the mood to be and of what each scene is supposed to do.

What Should the Light Director try to do?

  • Keep the light level up, but not too high, because cameras will make the white reflect and blind the audience if it’s too high and it will make the image grainy if it’s too low.
  • Create some small shadows to give the actors depth, without making huge shadows that take chuncks out of the actor’s faces and ruin the clip.

How Should we Light the Scenes?

  • It’s hard to say as the script has not yet been finalised (we don’t know where we’re filming), but we will probably be using a lot of light from the stuff that’s already in the room (lamps, for example).
  • Reflectors: Tinfoil on cardboard sheets. We can use the reflecty side to make the light be mostly reflected or we can use the dimmer side tomake the scene dim mer and more moody.

For full effect, we will probably be using this lighting set-up for most of the brighter scenes:

… And a similar setup without one or two of these lights for the torture scenes. This is so that we can either create or remove shadows in any given scene.

The subject must not stand in front of a white wall or a window. This would alter the exposure on the cameras and ruin the scene.

If we have to light a scene at night, we can do so easily by either waiting until the light is almost gone but still there and film or we can use a blue filter in front of the camera, while lowering the exposure. This is a useful technique because nobody wants to wait around at school until it’s dark to film, especially because it’s summer and it gets dark at 10:00.

For a fire effect, we can use an orange filter to cover a light, pointing it at a reflector. We then wobble the reflector and it creates a decent fire effect. We may use this for the torture scenes.

Director of Audiography (The Sound Guy). What I Do:-

  • Responsible for the audio in a movie
  • Select sound recordings for final movie
  • Dialogue+effects
  • Dialogue Editing
  • “Taking the existing sonic world and fixing it.”
  • Take the audio and make it smoother, more audible, more understandable, and less likely to detect audio transitions.
  • Effects Editing
  • “Creating the sonic world from scratch”
  • Adding together various elements to create believable sound effects (echos, pitch, etc.)

How will this be Done?

  • This can be done using any of several D.A.W’s.
  • Voiceovers
  • Acting with a voice
  • What Should I do as Practice?
  • Study and record commercials, etc. and compare my voice to the voices of the people doing the commercials.


Yes, there are exercises that improve the quality of your voice. You people will be doing these exercises for some of the voice-overs that the actors may have to do. Study up now, maybe? Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE to get to the same website and learn about the exercises

Music Stuff

If we add songs to the piece, which we will, we will probably take music off of YouTube due to shortage of time. It will have to fit the scene, but other than that there isn’t much to say about it

Yes, this post tells you how to do just a handfull of all of the jobs given me by our wise director.

May 21

Environmental Working Organization – Animation for Action

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The organization that I will be supporting is the Environmental Working Organization (EWO). This is an organization that is, at least in part, is anti-pesticides. They are concerned about the effect of these toxins on humans and are trying to prove that they are harmful to the point that they should be banned.

I have decided that I will do an animation that overstates the effects of pesticides. I had this idea last night while I was watching t.v., so it may need some development, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It will be a video showing a person standing next to the earth and spraying pesticides on it. Flowers will be growing and smiling and people will be eating the fruit off of the trees and being generally happy. It will cut to a screen saying “This is what they want you to think.” It will then fade to a scene saying “This is what’s really happening.” The music will suddenly pick up and the screen will go red. The image will be of a person holding a flamethrower and burning the earth. Yes, it is a bit extreme.

This video will hopefully have a minor, subconscious effect on people and they will hopefully remember the animation. It is designed to make people subconsciously believe that pesticides are worse than they had thought. It will also hopefully make people look into the EWO a bit more. My animation is extreme so that it has more effect than a realistic animation might.

These are examples of what I am aiming for:

The Door

Pivot Randosity

I hope for videos similar to this, but maybe of higher quality. I liked the effects in “The Door” and the general animation and walking in “Pivot Randosity”.

Just some music…

Apr 21

Motion In Adobe Premiere Pro- For Dummies

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Recently, I learned how to use Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro. Its a great feature, and it can be really handy and convenient way to make titles and images move, easily. Its similar to key framing, except thats frame-by-frame. So, this is probably the easiest way to get things animated or moving.

Anyway, here it is-

Tutorial On Motion

Apr 10 (5 minutes)

Hi guys. I got bored with posting more comments so I decided to review another how-to video. Read it. Enjoy it. Now.

As you can see, this video is titled "How to Prevent your Videos from Sucking" and is another useful video for us to watch, seeing as we will be making films ourselves. This is a well-made video for several reasons.

1. Visual

a. The presenter

i. He is constantly visible.

ii. He speaks clearly when he is supposed to.

iii. He is really good at sucking, which is important to get his point across.

iv. He is humorous, which keeps that audience's attention.

v. He is experienced at making videos.

vi. He shows that he is very motivated, which makes the video more interesting.

b. The Camera/Video

i. The camera is stable throughout, which makes the video more visually understandable.

ii. There is no pixelation, which is a bonus because it makes the video easier to see.

iii. The camera is constantly focused on the presenter, which prevents blurring.

iv. The camera is always on the presenter, so we can see him at all times.

v. During the night scenes, he had a light to show his face, so we were not left in the dark.

2. Sound

a. The Audio

i. The microphone is well positioned and probably omnidirectional so that we can always hear him.

ii. The audio was edited to decrease the effect of external noise.

iii. There was no interference.

iv. the microphone was always on.

b. The Sound Effects

i. The sounds that were meant to be heard, such as the AIM sounds, were picked up well by the microphone and so were effective.

ii. The sound effects were relevant to what was going on and were responded to by the presenter.

iii. There was distinction between effects and there was no confusion as to what the sound effect was meant to be.

3. Miscellaneous

a. Editing

i. All information shown was relevant.

ii. There were no intermediate gaps in the action (except where there was supposed to be).

b. Script

i. The script was interesting and well-memorized.

ii. There were no “flat” jokes in the entire work.

P.S. Please extend the due-date of the folders…

Jul 28

Welcome Students to your Technology blog…

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runningsilhouettelogo2.jpgThis is just an quick introduction to test that this blog is up and running and to introduce what is it here for. Yes there is a reason for …Techbribe… but why the name? Well for all you students out there who take technology as a right that must be used, it questions whether we are being bribed to consume and use technology in modern times. Hopefully during your courses in technology at ACS-Egham you will be able to come to your own conclusions to whether having the latest MacBook Pro is a must or not?

So I have explained the rather weird title, but what is this weblog for? Well simply for all students that are studying MYP technology courses to be able to have one area where you can not only find out information related to courses, projects, technology news and much more…but also hopefully an area where you can also publish and share good work and ideas. We will hopefully select student authors throughout the year that will be able to publish posts and writing to this weblog, along with photos and podcasts explaining their work. So make sure you check this blog as often as possible, or you can use the email subscription option so you will always receive an email every time something is posted. This could be extremely useful if one of your teachers publishes homework or resources that can help you.

Until the 23rd of August, enjoy your summer. Here is a little bit of music to keep you amused until then (Note any music published is on a temporary basis, and will be taken down within one week.)