Jun 02

My Animation Idea…

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For my animation i am going to do a video showing the world the effects of cosmetic and medical testing on animals. What I want to show by the creating of this animation is what multi million pound company. This video shows what Monkeys are subjected to.

For my animation I am going use pandas and song to illustrate the cruelty in which some animals are treated. I am going to call my animation panda song. In this animation I’m going to have pandas bobbing their heads and singing about animal cruelty. At some parts in this video they are going to sing about other animals. For this animation I am planning to use flash animation software.

In this animation I am going to use a variety of different effects including monition tween and monition pathway software. This will give my animation movement. I am going to make my animation funny because adolescence generally remembers things better when they enjoy them. In my animation I am going to make that point that using animals for medical and cosmetic testing needs to be stopped.


May 31

WWF – Adopt a Panda Animation

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WWF adopt a panda you can adopt a panda in asia and help sponsor it. For just £2.50 a month you can support a panda. By supporting a panda you wil recieve a packet of panda related goodies and provide enough money to support a panda for a year. Your £2.50 a month will help protect the pandas, provide more conservation land for them and help care for injured pandas.

WWF’s giant panda programme has been working for 25 years now and since the start of the programme wild numbers of pandas have grown to around 1600 pandas and they have created sixty giant panda reserves. WWF have been working with the Chinese Government to make sure there are more areas in China where the giant panda can find the food it needs and live in safety. The panda is incredibly vulnerable to habitat loss and bamboo loss which is the pandas main source of food. Due to expansion of villages and cities pandas which used to be free to roam throughout china are now limited to an area only about 1.2 km wide. WWF works with the chinese government and local communities to reduce these threats to the panda by increasing the size of conservation areas and helping local people to be less dependent on forest resources

Donating to WWF will benefit the Pandas, the environment and the local community. Here is a sample of my flash animation skills so far – Dr Tech says be careful this is a little psychadelic – wow-man!

May 21

Energy Saving Light Bulbs…Animation 4 Action…

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I have decided to promote energy saving light bulbs. I was inpired after finding the video below, trying to get something about just about penguins originally. These light bulbs only use a fifth of energy used in ordinary light bulbs, saving you money!

They might cost a little more, but the bills will make up for it and the saved energy can be used for other things. I’ll make my animation for it like an advert to raise awareness. I’d like to make it in the style of Michael Swain, who uses humor as his main tool. His Blockhead series (especially with the later episodes) is something that just has to be seen. I’ll make it a good length for an interesting advert, with lots of detail and good art like the Swain himself.

May 21

Environmental Working Organization – Animation for Action

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The organization that I will be supporting is the Environmental Working Organization (EWO). This is an organization that is, at least in part, is anti-pesticides. They are concerned about the effect of these toxins on humans and are trying to prove that they are harmful to the point that they should be banned.

I have decided that I will do an animation that overstates the effects of pesticides. I had this idea last night while I was watching t.v., so it may need some development, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It will be a video showing a person standing next to the earth and spraying pesticides on it. Flowers will be growing and smiling and people will be eating the fruit off of the trees and being generally happy. It will cut to a screen saying “This is what they want you to think.” It will then fade to a scene saying “This is what’s really happening.” The music will suddenly pick up and the screen will go red. The image will be of a person holding a flamethrower and burning the earth. Yes, it is a bit extreme.

This video will hopefully have a minor, subconscious effect on people and they will hopefully remember the animation. It is designed to make people subconsciously believe that pesticides are worse than they had thought. It will also hopefully make people look into the EWO a bit more. My animation is extreme so that it has more effect than a realistic animation might.

These are examples of what I am aiming for:

The Door

Pivot Randosity

I hope for videos similar to this, but maybe of higher quality. I liked the effects in “The Door” and the general animation and walking in “Pivot Randosity”.

Just some music…

Apr 15

Premiere Pro – A Simple Tutorial about Importing Your Video – The First Basic Skill

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Importing the video is the most important part of editing a video, because if you do not know how to import your video, you cannot edit the film. I have created a simple tutorial that will allow anyone who is computer illiterate to import a video with ease. The tutorial can be found below:


Dec 17

A Unique Organisation

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Thought that might catch your attention…the organisation I’m creating my animation for is good old ACS itself

ACS Title

You’ve probably heard during the school’s assemblies and everything how the school is making all possible steps to prevent global warming and nullify their negative effects on the environment. They actually are also part of numerous other charities to also help do so. I’m making the animation to correspond with this idea and further develop the presentation of their efforts. The theme of this animation as agreed with my client will be to do with the limited amount of oil and other fossil fuels to this day. After a slow interview with my client I finally managed to obtain the necessary information. This information includes the physical size (560 x 182 pixels) and the memory size (200kb) and of course the format (.swf). This definitely simplified the upcoming design process so I’d recommend to anyone else to get this small amount of information to know your limits, etc.

Thanks for reading, hope all your projects are coming along well too.

Oct 31

Gizmotron’s wckd 3D logos

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Have you ever looked at one of those awesome company logos and thought to yourself: “I wonder how they do that”? The honest truth is that it’s actually very easy on Illustrator. All you’ve got to do is watch the video that I’ve attached to be on your way to becoming a real graphic designer. The video goes through the entire process step by step whilst explaining the reasoning behind each operation. Although the tutorial teacher is obviously a complete Illustrator Whiz, I found myself understanding and anxious to get started. I’m so anxious, in fact, that I’m just going to stop writing this and start making some wicked 3D designs.

TUTVID’S Awesome 3D Tutorial

Later, Gizmo

Jul 28

Welcome Students to your Technology blog…

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runningsilhouettelogo2.jpgThis is just an quick introduction to test that this blog is up and running and to introduce what is it here for. Yes there is a reason for …Techbribe… but why the name? Well for all you students out there who take technology as a right that must be used, it questions whether we are being bribed to consume and use technology in modern times. Hopefully during your courses in technology at ACS-Egham you will be able to come to your own conclusions to whether having the latest MacBook Pro is a must or not?

So I have explained the rather weird title, but what is this weblog for? Well simply for all students that are studying MYP technology courses to be able to have one area where you can not only find out information related to courses, projects, technology news and much more…but also hopefully an area where you can also publish and share good work and ideas. We will hopefully select student authors throughout the year that will be able to publish posts and writing to this weblog, along with photos and podcasts explaining their work. So make sure you check this blog as often as possible, or you can use the email subscription option so you will always receive an email every time something is posted. This could be extremely useful if one of your teachers publishes homework or resources that can help you.

Until the 23rd of August, enjoy your summer. Here is a little bit of music to keep you amused until then (Note any music published is on a temporary basis, and will be taken down within one week.)