Dec 05

The flash animation that I found was to promote the Fair Trade organization. Fair Trade is a group that makes sure that that farmers that grow and sell products such as chocolate, coffee, honey, bananas, and many others. The flash animation showed the benefits for the farmers buy donating or buying Fair Trade products. Some of these benefits included being able to better support their families by having more money to buy general items and being able to send their children to school.

I have always been very interested in the Fair Trade organization and have wished to further research into its other benefits. I have also tried in the past to buy Fair Trade products in stores when I would see them, such as chocolate bars or coffee.

Fair Trade Flash Animation

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One Response to “YCNIFCPREMIXTS – Fair Trade Flash Animation”

  1. drtech Says:

    Another interesting animation which shows a more serious and informative side to using Flash, make sure Crash demonstrates how to use buttons to create interactive elements and allow the client to start and stop the animation…