Dec 05

People protesting against factory farming

Although this animation doesn’t have the same message as what I will be creating in flash it contains some of the main values. I will be focusing on the dangers and cruelty of factory farming and the promotion of vegetarianism. In this flash animation the issue of factory farming is covered but it also talks about testing on animals, entertainment animals, the fur trade and hunting. Although my flash animation won’t be as extensive, it still has given me a lot of ideas and taught me more about my cause.

The message the animation is conveying and shocking people into giving notice as to what results the customs in modern society are having on our animals. It is trying to show that animals are being very much like humans but are treated very harshly because they cannot speak. It is very powerful and effective. It isn’t strong on the harsh images which can often discourage the viewer from watching but the messages in the flash are very strong and the statistics are very shocking.

The main flash animation that is used in the image is letting the viewer choose different sections, which gives the viewer the choice rather inflicting views upon then and preaching to them. I think it was very effective although it didn’t say anything about what you can do to help these animals and this is what I am going to focus on in my animation. I want to deal a small bit with the issue of factory farming but focus more on the benefits of vegetarianism.

What is the issue?
Factory farming is a huge problem in society today. Not only do we produce way more food than we could possibly eat, but the animals used are treated like a material, rather than living creatures. It is impossible to argue the fact that factory farming is okay. The only real way to target this issue is to boycott meats that aren’t free range. An even healthier and beneficial way to combat it is to go vegetarian. Not only will this save all the animals from being slaughtered inhumanly, but we will have alot more food for the whole world. Imagine how much feed and grain it takes to feed those animals to raise them. With more people turning vegetarian, factory farms will die out and our only reason to have animals will be for animal byproducts and to have them as pets, or animal companions. Therefore we won’t have to use up so many food resources and can focus on feeding the hungry and the poor.

You can see the flash animation by clicking on the link below.

Click here for video

To learn more about going vegetarian here is a good site to start at

Click here to see the PETA site

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4 Responses to “Animal rights and Vegetarianism”

  1. drtech Says:

    Pheww Crashes’ classes are coming up with some great animation finds. What about Dr Tech’s. Think the mixture of a disturbing soundtrack, with limited images and yet again powerful text makes for another compelling animation.

  2. kiwi Says:

    I think this is a very real and disturbing subject that always seems to hurt the big business such as Harrods which for as long as i can remember has protesters at their doors telling the world of the things they do to animals and their skin, funny though when the protesters take it too far and block the local tube station.

  3. floydy69 Says:

    i would be careful about talking about PETA because they attack people who they believe are cruel to animals so i think you should promote a nicer animal

  4. drtech Says:

    Interesting comments – but do you not think that whatever the problems with an organisation like PETA they raise legitimate issues. Also this raises interesting issues off if you were actually asked to work for such an organisation that was maybe against your principle would you work for them, and try maybe through your work and animation to publicise a more moderate / peaceful message for the organisation?