Dec 19


For my IT project, I chose a particular interesting charity called the Besom… So what is the Besom?


What? Besom is a charity that serves as the function of bridge; in other words, Besom collects new and unwanted items and enhances them (eg by cleaning them). Finally, the items are delivered to people in need.

Where? The Besom is a really big organization and it is Located all over England. The one my client is situated in is called the Besom in Runnymede.

Who? Anyone can come to the Besom, however they have to keep in mind that it is prayer-based

Why? There are many people in need, and Besom wants the world’s balance to be more equal.

What do you do? At Besom you can be given different tasks, such as cleaning the brought-in items or even cleaning all of the dirty plates from other volunteers; even if you’re doing this, you ar still helping the charity, and sometimes help in this way is better than help in monetary value.

Besom is a very worldly charity and I think that it deserves further advertising, hence my decision for the second IT project.


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