Jan 22


My animation will be based on the idea that wildlife in danger of extinction are presented together as a whole, so those that endure the most suffering are not subject to advertisement: each species have their own threats, many of which come from human beings. An example is the silverback gorilla (this is the animal I am endorcing). I have chosen them for several reasons, one of which involves requests from my client, the other of which derives from research on the animal itself. Supposedly there are less than 100, 000 GORILLAS left, meaning that there must be far less of a population of silverbacks. Their number has


only just reached 700 worldwide. So, with regard to the severity of the issue, I have chosen to support a rather large organisation, the WWF, seeing as they handle various issues, ranging from our planet and its renewable energy to animal extinction and preserving a species. They have also listed the silverback gorilla as one of the planet’s most endangered species. Although I cannot seem to contact them, specifications will work around my client in terms of the overall theme of WWF. Below are some images of my progress:

Below is my final animation. The music could not be imported onto the animation, so this is the silent version. If you are interested in seeing the animation with its music, check first class and open up both files simultaneously (the music fie and .swf file).


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