Jan 22


I hope through the course of these two projects, which yes have been difficult and demanding both in terms of organisation and the learning of skills and IT based literacies to complete the products, that you have gained an insight into how technology can or maybe could be used to change a persons views and maybe make a difference. There are many opposing viewpoints to how people either view technology as the saviour of our world in the future or in fact that the opposite might be true as humanity becomes a slave of its own designs and uses of technology.

So for your last lesson you have a four things to do:-

  1. Freerice – If you don’t want to think, then go hear and try to give the highest number of bowls of rice in one lesson, and finish with the highest vocabulary level AND feed someone :)~
  2. BigThink – Can technology make us happy? -to finish your thoughts on the whole technology guided question issue, go visit this site and watch the short video. Do you agree or disagree, join and leave a comment response.
  3. Check if you have any outstanding posts to finish, or by the end of the lesson they will be deleted.
  4. Add a final comment to this post, giving advice to the Grade 9’s about how to use this weblog.
  5. Finally attempt Samarost 2 – an Interactive Flash Animation to beat all others.

Enjoy Design and Technology. Your IT grades will be available from Monday, you will be able to collect your project portfolios only in the final term along with the T-Shirt products.

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3 Responses to “Grade 10’s Your Final Chores for Information Technology This Year…”

  1. odo1992 Says:

    9th graders…you’ll find this site very useful…if you’re at home thinking “oh what do I need to do again?” forgetting to write it down or alike then you can hop on here and you’ll find some helpful information…worked for me at least

    also…you could simply put a beautiful post on here to suck up to Dr Tech…I could’ve done with doing that

  2. Potatoscrub Says:

    What website? I don’t see anything…

  3. drtech Says:

    You will have to be more descriptive with your comment questions Potatoscrub!