Feb 08

My system is simply based, but it is the basic five-six requirements for a good film and ‘How To’ videos. Here are all the points and an explanation why it needs to be there.

Editing- Editing is VERY important! If a film has good editing, then it will be smooth and easy to watch. If the film keeps snapping to other camera angles, then people will stop watching the film because the camera cuts too often!

Audio- If the audio quality is good, then your film will be successful. The two pillars of a film are video quality and audio quality. If the video quality fails, at least the audio can make up for it. If it is clear and the sound is loud enough to hear, you have a good video.

Video- The video must not be blurry and hard to see! That defeats the point of watching a video! The video must be easy to see and understand, and this is the main pillar so if the video quality fails along with the audio, your in trouble then.

Style/Concept/Planning- I might not be one for this, but I have to say that planning and practicing your film before you actually capture it is imperative. Do something improvised and on the spot films can usually end in a flop if you accidentally mess up your point.

Cinematography- Any film can be made without this, but this is the support that is on top of audio and video. The film needs smooth camera work so that your point can be made and also the fact that it creates a nice feel to the film. Cinematography is supposed to create a natural feel, which makes the camera more from a person’s perspective rather then from an electronic camera.

Content- Well, I’m not supposed to exactly count this but good content makes the overall film worth watching!

Here are two ‘How To’ films, the first one has all or at least most of these qualities that I have listed and the other one completely misses the point.

Video One-

This video cannot be bothered to stream it self. Watch it here!

Video Two-

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2 Responses to “The Hexathystem O’Doom!”

  1. potatoscrub Says:

    Um you did it wrong…

  2. drtech Says:

    Is there any wrong or right though potatoscrub….. maybe there is just different. And as long as different gets the message across in an eloquent and succinct way then surely there is no problem. Remember this is the web and the classroom, not just the classroom….