Oct 19

For our I.T. project we had to chose a revolutionary figure. Obviously i chose Bob Geldof, but why?

Bob Geldof (Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof) started off as a wannabe rock star with a band called the Boomtown Rats. He didn’t claim much fame that way but he wasn’t just an ordinary rock star, he actually cared about the world around him. After watching a t.v. news report about starving children in Africa he wanted to do something to help. In 1984, using the connections he had in the music industry he organized 40 British pop musicians to come and record the hit single “Do they know its Christmas”.

Bob G

The studio donated a day to record the hit and all the musician donated their time. The single ended up being untaxed but the government and all of the money made by the song and the preceding ‘Band Aid’ concert was given to the famine problem in Africa. This is why i chose him. How he was able to redirect his focus onto such a noble cause and use the thing he loved doing to do it. His image can also be easily altered.

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