Feb 15

<http://youtube.com/watch?v=3zFePU1uvtc> (10 minutes)

This is a very useful video clip not only because it is accurate and the presenter is experienced, but also because we will soon be making our own videos and this clip gives important tips on how to make a successful and professional-looking one.

This is a well-made movie because: - It uses a high-quality camera, which is important because it allows us to see what the presenter is doing more clearly. - It allows us to see what equipment we will need for the success of our movies, explaining why each piece is important. - The presenter is easy to understand and explains ideas thoroughly. He is also a professional. - The camera does not zoom or shake and so allows us to focus completely on the presenter. - Important terminology is explained. - It is captivating and interesting. - All information is accurate, and the video shows us how different techniques affect us. - The information is useful for people of all ages and skill levels.

This is a superior video because: Even after searching for two hours on YouTube, I failed to find a 'how-to' video that was as simple, detailed, and relevant to what we are doing. Though it may not be humorous (as the subtitle had suggested), it is still interesting because of the techniques that the cameraman used. It gets straight to the point, which is important because it is an important and large topic to discuss, and so time is important. If the presenter were to talk to his audience about his personal life or about his career, this video would not be as informative or interesting as it is.

Conclusion: This is an interesting and informative video which is important to what we will be doing in IT. It is also easy to learn from and not too long, either. I think that this is useful to us and I think that we should all watch it so that we can perform better when we do make a movie.

Review of ‘The Perfect ‘How To’ Video’: Though I do agree with most of your points, I do not believe that the scenes were relevant to what the narrator was saying. For 3 out of 4 scenes, the pictures were of dogs in general, not pertinent to the script. Also, the scenes were always changing and introducing 'new information', I find that it was changing too much and that the images, most of which were not relevant, were distracting me from the important information on how to choose a dog.

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8 Responses to “How to Make a Professional Video”

  1. drtech Says:

    Great video – well found…this should come in useful for everyone over the next few weeks…….

    So make sure YOU ALL WATCH IT!

  2. Potatoscrub Says:

    I agree. This was a very well-made article and the person who wrote this should get a 7.

  3. duckiepoo Says:

    Haha. He was talking about the movie, not the written work… 😛 Looooong review, but it’s thorough. I think the guy in the movie wants you to spend money. Lots of it. lol. I really actually thought your review was good. lol

  4. domdom Says:

    Well made because…
    – It is filmed with good equipment making it nicer to watch.
    – It explains what equipment is needed while explaining what they do.
    – There is a wide range of terminology, which is important.
    – The information is accurate.
    – The presenter is a professional who explains everything thoroughly and energetically.
    – The presentation is well filmed because there is no shaking or excessive zoom.

    Superior because..
    – It is easy to find and there are not many videos that explain this topic so thoroughly and clearly.
    – It is interesting because the information is necessary for out next project.
    – It also does not wander off, it stays on topic most the time.
    – Time is well managed because there was a lot to say and it was well organized.
    This is an interesting video with relevant information that we need for our project. It is well filmed, well timed, and well organized. However, it is not funny, and maybe not ideal for some of its audience. I personally felt bored with his ‘jokes’ and ‘funny’ phrases. Yet it was worth watching and I’m sure my videos will be better because I have the tips from this video.
    This video is presented to inform amateur filmmakers what equipment is necessary to make a good film. Also it explains how to be a presenter by how to look good on camera, how to keep you hands from flying around, how you should talk, ect.

  5. ryry Says:

    the camera quality is no that great on this film…it is very grainy. not that great if you are filming professional video.

  6. potatoscrub Says:

    The actual film is high-quality, but I had to get the file off of YouTube in order to imbed it the lazy way. The film itself is good, YouTube is useless.

  7. fudgesalad Says:

    It is a very good movie. Extremely helpful and lots of good infromation! Good job taterscrub.

  8. apple Says:

    good video, well organized review :)