Oct 19

Threadless is a website where anyone can submit an idea that they want to be created into a T-Shirt. People will vote on the design and decide if it should be created into a T-Shirt. If the design gets enough votes. If you win then it is created into a T-Shirt design and you are paid $2,000 given a $500 gift certificate(or $200 cash) and every time it is re-printed you are paid $500.

However you can’t just submit any design it must vector design, must be 100×70 pixel thumbnail, must have 5 unique colors or less, no inappropriate detail and you must use there template.

This means when we create our design we have to make sure the design is not to colorful and the most important thing is to submit it with the template and at the right size.

To go to Threadless to look at T-Shirt designs or to look in more detail about their specifications go to –Threadless Logo

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