Apr 27

A good How-To video, like the one above, needs to include various points to keep in interesting and useful to the viewer:

• Probably the most important aspect of a How-To video is that it needs to have a very clear structure, including an introduction and a conclusion. If a viewer wants to watch something, the first thing he wants to know is what the video is all about, so it is important to introduce a clear structure at the very beginning. This video is a good example, it even structures the video into seperate steps.

• The message portrayed must be supported by many examples, it is ever so boring for a person to watch a video and just listen to a person talking and explaining something, visual support is important. No one wants to listen to a person sitting on a chair talking through for half an hour. Here, lots of pictures and examples are shown.

• The camera/image quality needs to be reasonably good, because if small things are shown at some point during the film, they will be hard to make out when the image is corny. For an underwater camera, the resolution of the above video is really good.

• Also, a common mistake is, that when filming, the zoom needs to be appropriate and not too far in. If the scene is zoomed in too far, some important information of it might be lost. It is always easier to zoom in later when editing the video on the computer.

• The audio plays an important role as well, because if a certain atmosphere or mood wants to be achieved, the sound accompanying it must be appropriate. For example when in a closed empty room, the voice may sound too hollow.

• Another thing to consider while making a How-To video is the background. If you a trying to show how to balance a black coin on a grey pen, it is important to have a neutral background. It is hard to see things with a colourful or a very dark background.

• The film shouldn’t be too long winded. Get to the point. Explaining the same thing over and over again is boring. It also makes a bad impression that if you are showing something to someone, you shouldn’t make a mistake yourself. This video is a perfect example of this.

• If you are designing a How-To video, make sure you do not do the same thing that someone else has already done, try to come up with a new, original, creative idea.

• Most importantly: Keep it simple and easy for the audience to follow.

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