Apr 10

http://youtube.com/watch?v=sk0OFJXQq4I (5 minutes)

Hi guys. I got bored with posting more comments so I decided to review another how-to video. Read it. Enjoy it. Now.

As you can see, this video is titled "How to Prevent your Videos from Sucking" and is another useful video for us to watch, seeing as we will be making films ourselves. This is a well-made video for several reasons.

1. Visual

a. The presenter

i. He is constantly visible.

ii. He speaks clearly when he is supposed to.

iii. He is really good at sucking, which is important to get his point across.

iv. He is humorous, which keeps that audience's attention.

v. He is experienced at making videos.

vi. He shows that he is very motivated, which makes the video more interesting.

b. The Camera/Video

i. The camera is stable throughout, which makes the video more visually understandable.

ii. There is no pixelation, which is a bonus because it makes the video easier to see.

iii. The camera is constantly focused on the presenter, which prevents blurring.

iv. The camera is always on the presenter, so we can see him at all times.

v. During the night scenes, he had a light to show his face, so we were not left in the dark.

2. Sound

a. The Audio

i. The microphone is well positioned and probably omnidirectional so that we can always hear him.

ii. The audio was edited to decrease the effect of external noise.

iii. There was no interference.

iv. the microphone was always on.

b. The Sound Effects

i. The sounds that were meant to be heard, such as the AIM sounds, were picked up well by the microphone and so were effective.

ii. The sound effects were relevant to what was going on and were responded to by the presenter.

iii. There was distinction between effects and there was no confusion as to what the sound effect was meant to be.

3. Miscellaneous

a. Editing

i. All information shown was relevant.

ii. There were no intermediate gaps in the action (except where there was supposed to be).

b. Script

i. The script was interesting and well-memorized.

ii. There were no “flat” jokes in the entire work.

P.S. Please extend the due-date of the folders…

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6 Responses to “How to “Make Your Videos Not Suck” – Review…”

  1. drtech Says:

    MR Scrub…good video…..but no deal on the extended deadline. FRIDAY is more than generous!

  2. potatoscrub Says:

    Why is some of it small and some of it large…?

  3. Santascrub!!! Says:

    Hi guys also just wanted to say that I changed by username slightly. I’m still your reliable, optimistic friend, potatoscrub

  4. drtech Says:

    That is because if you copy text from a word processing document it will take the metadata with it, which leads to different formatting?

  5. IhateSouljaboy Says:

    Good video to help just as everyone starts filming. I don’t think you needed to review it, however, and that your time might of been better spent bettering your IT folder.

  6. Santascrub!!! Says:

    Thanks to the creator of YouTube for for providing a lazy way for us to find these videos. Hooray for lazy!