Nov 20

I’m sure you’re all wondering, ‘Just what makes a good design?’ Well, there are several basic elements that, at least in my opinion, can lead your work in such a direction. First of all, it is advisable that you keep your design as simple as possible, at least as a beginner. More often than not, an over-crowded design will not get its message across, and can also be very confusing to the eye. Then there is also color scheme to consider. Having too many clashing colors would be detrimental to your design, while having only a few, well planned separate colors could truly enhance it. It may also be wise to have colors that are complementary, or in other words, matching. The style of your design is also very important. Whether your design is flowing and graceful, or bold and blocky, it should consistently stay within the perimeters of one style. If you start mixing styles, it is not likely the design will work out, or really come out as much of anything. In sum, the best way to get good results with a design is to look into the detail.



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