Oct 30

For our project we are creating a T-Shirt design. The design will be of a famous person but portrayed in a different way than they would usually be shown. We started by choosing a famous figure and researching about them. We then figured out what a T-Shirt design needs to be made up of and how we should create our design. We then brainstormed ideas for a design to put onto our T-Shirt and sketched them onto an A-3 sheet of paper, then we choose a final design to start creating. We are using adobe illustrator to create out designs.

For my design i live traced a picture of Winston Churchill and added colour’s to it. I also added one of his famous speeches to the design. I also kept the famous trademark items that would be related with Winston Churchill like the top hat and his cigar.

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3 Responses to “Introduction to our project”

  1. rudeboy1 Says:

    This is a good intro to our project rudeboy2. Needed a bit more info maybe though but otherwise it was a good intro to people that wouldn’t know what our project is about.


  2. S-girl Says:

    Good post bud! It was very knowledgeable! Oh and Happy Birthday!! x

  3. oreo2010 Says:

    i think your picture really gets the attention from the readers….haha…i like how you added your person into your blog…..um HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV YA!!!!!!