Oct 19

The Design Cycle may seem like a waste of time or boring routine to follow. However its not all z z z z z and is really quite simple and useful for the Revolutionary Figure project. Let’s go over all the steps:

INVESTIGATE: !! 1st section and probably one the most fundamental. Even if you did not follow the Design Cycle along the way you would need at some point in your project to find back round on your REV figure!!

In the INVESTIGATE section there are three smaller section with in it that make up the section. That sounds like a lot of words and little comprehending but its really very simple. Each Sections of the Design Cycle (which there are 4) have 3 smaller section with in it.

3 Sections with in the INVESTIGATE section:

Step Uno: Identify the Problem: In this case the problem is CHOOSING or SELECTING your REV figure. If you can recall this was at the beginning of the semester when we researched several different REV possibilities. You than chose a figure based on something that gave you INSPIRATION or just someone you REALLY wanted to do. Step Dos: Develop the Design Brief: Well its basically self explanatory but if your having trouble understanding this step I’ve put a link for Dictionary.com . Click and your on your way to understanding. Step Tres: Formulate a Design Specifiacation: Specify and think of a design for you REV figure in the INVESTIGATE process. Our EX here is using a T-Shirt design.

SECTION TWO: PLAN!! woodihoo. It may not seem like an important step, or a really boring one but it really is beneficial to your project and its outcome.

There are only TWO sections with in this section (I know I know there is normally 3 though)

Step UNO: Design a product/solution -mhmmm easy enough to comprehend.

Step DOS: Plan a Product/ Solution – yep yep easy enough.


Step UNO: Use APPROPRIATE techniques & equipment (duh!! This should be a no brainer)

Step DOS: Follow the PLAN! ( wow……. wouldn’t have thought of that)

Step TRES: Create the Product/solution

As you can see the CREATE section is really simple!!! And I didn’t lie, it had three smaller sections.

SECTION 4: Evaluate

Now the creation of your project is finished but the design cycle is not! There is just one more section! You are almost done. The EVALUATION section is not the drage is seems like. So its only got two smaller sections

Step UNO: Evaluate the product/ solution

Step Dos: Evaluate their use of the design cycle. (what did you think?)

Over all the design cycle is useful when you need to solve a problem or create anything. And can also be really useful for your personal projects.

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3 Responses to “The Design Cycle z z z z z z z z”

  1. drtech Says:

    Superb…love the way you wrote this post, perfect blog article material – but do you think the design cycle is a cycle or a spiral?

  2. Carrot Says:

    Hey! I found it very interesting to read your article, 😛 your sarcasm is hilarious.


  3. birdie101 Says:

    Hello! Your article was really well done and you didn’t go on and on and on and on….I liked that whenever it got boring you replaced it with sarcasm…you sort of jumped ahead a couple of times, so it wasn’t too clear straight away…but it was amusing, so, good stuff!