May 31

WWF adopt a panda you can adopt a panda in asia and help sponsor it. For just £2.50 a month you can support a panda. By supporting a panda you wil recieve a packet of panda related goodies and provide enough money to support a panda for a year. Your £2.50 a month will help protect the pandas, provide more conservation land for them and help care for injured pandas.

WWF’s giant panda programme has been working for 25 years now and since the start of the programme wild numbers of pandas have grown to around 1600 pandas and they have created sixty giant panda reserves. WWF have been working with the Chinese Government to make sure there are more areas in China where the giant panda can find the food it needs and live in safety. The panda is incredibly vulnerable to habitat loss and bamboo loss which is the pandas main source of food. Due to expansion of villages and cities pandas which used to be free to roam throughout china are now limited to an area only about 1.2 km wide. WWF works with the chinese government and local communities to reduce these threats to the panda by increasing the size of conservation areas and helping local people to be less dependent on forest resources

Donating to WWF will benefit the Pandas, the environment and the local community. Here is a sample of my flash animation skills so far – Dr Tech says be careful this is a little psychadelic – wow-man!

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