May 22

I have decided to do my animation on blood diamonds.

Diamonds are some of the most beautiful stones in the world and cost a lot of money for one of those stones. But are diamond really worth crippling and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people for a hand full of diamonds that only one tenth of them will become diamonds that we see in stare shops?

In Angola, 500,000 people are being killed a month, half the population are displaced and it all thanks to a repel group called Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F.) wanting people from infants to adults to dig, collect and polish the diamonds and in the end the rebels get all the profit and the worker are left with no money or even hands and feet. They do this to stop the workers from running away and from stealing the diamonds that they claim is theirs.

About 60% of diamonds that are given to sale people are blood diamonds and only diamonds that go through the legal process is a little 40%. Diamonds usually cost about a million dollars and the ones getting smuggled in are sold for a mere 350,000 dollars. So Africa is getting ripped off of it natural and it wealth

With your help, we can stop this madness of destroying Africa and it people.

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