May 23

I am going to create an animation highlighting the charity Oxfam as they are always giving to people in need. The animation will show people how Oxfam changes the world as they are always trying to help when countries are needing the help the most.

Although this is a great charity they don’t have endless amounts of money and need to be supported and i want to show what they are doing in the needing countries and how Oxfam needs funding and support in order to carry on doing what they are doing. As well as telling people to take a stand and not just sit back but actually get involved in order to rid the world of poverty.

I found this animation on youtube and thought it was quite appropriate and i am thinking about doing an animation similar to this one:

I will create an animation with a lot of pictures highlighting Oxfam’s work. I will add quotes such as Oxfam’s motto and appropriate sounds. I am excited to be making an animation about such as serious topic.

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