Oct 19

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As we are creating a T-shirt design on Adobe Illustrator, it might be slightly important to know how the program works, even in a general understanding will help. Her are some online tutorials that can help you out…


This video is a bit dull; nevertheless it goes over some important tools needed in Adobe Illustrator.


This YouTube video mainly concentrates on the area of tracing in a very speedy way and it also uses different tools that you may have not used before, briefly though. In addition it also deals with sketch-type images that seem to be scanned from an external sheet onto the computer, something that can be useful of you’re using a created drawing you’ve done.


I think this video is actually really neat, it shows in 5 minutes, how to create a professional looking icon with Adobe Illustrator’s tools. The end result is also very neat.


This is a simple reading tutorial that helps you with colors if you need any help.


5. http://websitetips.com/graphics/illustrator/

I think that this is a superb website that contains many tutorials, each concentrating in different areas of the program. Moreover, it gives really good general insight information on Adobe Illustrator. (Dr Tech – check out the podcasts below from tigre and kiwi with a snuffly cold – awwww!)

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2 Responses to “Tigre talks Illustrator – So Listen!”

  1. drtech Says:

    Great tutorials Tigre – I hope all you students out there have a look at them. Also well done for Tigre and Kiwi for being the first to podcast, note those who decided to ‘chicken out’ this time will get another chance :)~

  2. trini Says:

    … why do you have to be so creative with everything you do? my post is nothing compared to yours.. although mine is all about Machel Montano a Caribbean soca star.. i’m special.. but anyways good job!! really good job!