May 28

The reason why I choose Breast Cancer was as my mum’s friend in Ireland is a Breast Cancer survivor. She got it mild so she was not in hospital for a long time but some people are not lucky as her, they could be in hospital for a long time.

At the time when I first was told what breast cancer was, was when I was 8, I did not know what exactly it was but I knew only ladies could get it. I asked my mum what was breast cancer was and the words that I got back was it only happens to women, they get cancer in their breast, they get lumps in them and they could lose a breast. Ever since I was told what it was I have always wondered how people can get breast cancer, does it come fast?, how do you know when you have it, how can you cure it and does it continue in your family like is it a family tradition to get breast cancer. Once I have found out I will have a better understanding of breast cancer and how we can stop ourselves from getting breast cancer in the future.

If other people do not know any facts about breast cancer will be able to help them and then when they see my animation they will also get a better understanding of breast cancer and that it can be very bad. I can also tell people how they will help themselves from getting breast cancer and the consequences of it.

You can find information on this web sight!

How does it happen:

Who gets breast cancer:

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