May 28

For my Animation for Action flash project I decided to raise awareness about Malaria affecting children in Africa and many other parts in the world, but especially Africa. The reason I chose Malaria as my subject is because I used to live in Angola, which is a country that is affected severely by Malaria. I personally never got malaria because my mom always told me I had to wear mosquito repellent. However, many of my friends did get malaria, but since we all came from wealthy families we could prevent the disease from getting worse.

However, there are many children in Africa that don’t have access to hospitals or any medicinal supplies. Having to see this everyday and talking with people whose parents or children lost their lives because they couldn’t treat this disease is something really hard. I have gone to different orphanages where I heard stories about their parents dying because of Malaria. I just want to show that it is a huge problem in the world that not many people are aware of because they live in countries where hospitals could be just around the corner. Living in a country like this and having to see this everyday has made me want to share some facts about it with other people. For my flash animation will show pictures and there will be facts popping up so everyone can learn from it.

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