Jun 02

For my animation i am going to do a video showing the world the effects of cosmetic and medical testing on animals. What I want to show by the creating of this animation is what multi million pound company. This video shows what Monkeys are subjected to.

For my animation I am going use pandas and song to illustrate the cruelty in which some animals are treated. I am going to call my animation panda song. In this animation I’m going to have pandas bobbing their heads and singing about animal cruelty. At some parts in this video they are going to sing about other animals. For this animation I am planning to use flash animation software.

In this animation I am going to use a variety of different effects including monition tween and monition pathway software. This will give my animation movement. I am going to make my animation funny because adolescence generally remembers things better when they enjoy them. In my animation I am going to make that point that using animals for medical and cosmetic testing needs to be stopped.


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