Oct 29

The Million Dollar idea of the decade was thought of by Dr. Tech and pass down to his students. The idea is simple and effective. Have a whole class of students in an IT class each find a different revolutionary figure. Create a pop-culture image, stick it on some type of cloth, sell them, and make millions.

Brain storming:
The project start with a simple brainstorm, a common site to use is www.gliffy.com. Then find a lot of revolutionary figure and through a process of elimination pick one. Ask ten question and answers, three guiding questions, and three investigations.

Before any planning is done, you need to get as much background information as you can, because you can get a hand full of ideas from just that. Plus, it’s a sneaky way of getting your students to learn something, and don’t forget to write down your sources so no one tries to sue you. Now, write down all the ideas for each revolutionary figure, on paper so you don’t forget any of the good ideas. Now, for more of the boring stuff, you need to answer another guiding question, but there’s a catch, it has three parts to it. Now, the important part is get all the students to create an original pop-culture image and all you do is getting all those pictures, put them on t-shirts, and sell them. Presto, you’re a millionaire!

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