Nov 11

Targets – Developed Designs…

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Targets Developed Designs

Oct 30

Well Done at Completing your Investigation…

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Nautilus bears a pinhole eye
Image via Wikipedia

….and you have begun your initial designs for your pinhole camera – its really time to think creatively about your design and problem.

While Dr. Tech is away this week – this is what you need to do:-

You will need to develop 3 or 4 ideas to the next stage. Each developed design should be  on a spearate sheet of A3 paper and include the following: –

  • Isometric sketch with measurements
  • CAD – Sketchup model
  • Sketches of the details for jointing parts of your design
  • Sketches to show how the paper is going to be kept in the camera and how the shutter mechanism will work
  • A table with checks to see if the design fulfills your specification.
  • What materials you are going to use and other annotations.

Remember be creative the designs should be functional but also interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Think of what your client would like? You can maybe use a basic shape and then alter the methods of how is stands up or is made steady from the outside.

Think about finishes -as well will you paint it? Maybe you can use some recycled elements as well?

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Oct 02

Well Done Everyone – A Good First Hand-in to Deadline now the Next Targets :(

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Next DeadlineYour Next Deadlines Above…

Well done all to reach your first deadline of the semester – I was very impressed with the most of the organisation and presentation within your portfolios – however a lot of you had forgot the analysis needed with most pieces of work explaining what you have learnt, why you did the work and what you will take forward in the designing of your pinhole camera. You all must remember when your portfolios are sent off to the examiner/moderator they will not know who you are or why you did the work – your portfolio is almost like a storybook of your thinking, showing at each stage of the Design Cycle what you were doing. If you think of it like this then you will make sure every sheet makes sense!

There were some great discussions on the ideas of obsolescence – but what do you think about the term planned obsolescence? Have a read of the following articles and then leave comments as to your thoughts on this weblog post – seeing if your views have changed from your initial guided question discussion.

Looking forward to your discussions. And in case you are wondering your next target will be the 5 pieces of research you have identified as essential for helping you with your project. Please make sure they are in-depth, do not simply copy from one web-site, that you acknowledge all sources including images, that the research is worthwhile and that you analyse and explain what you have learnt.

Here are some great links to websites that might help you with your research:-

  1. Maker Video – On Pinhole Cameras
  2. Homemade Matchbox Pinhole Camera
  3. Pinhole Calculator – Very Useful
  4. World Pinhole Photography Day – Resources
  5. Pinhole Camera Design Calculator – Another Excellent Resource
  6. A Quick Simple Pinhole Camera To Make
  7. Developing and printing pinhole photographs – very useful
Sep 16

Justin Quinnell – Great Pinhole Camera Photography Day

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Great day was had by all Grade 10’s who were introduced to Justin Quinnell’s wild world of Pinhole Photography! Here are a couple of the photos below, more will be following and of course keep on checking back to see the great projects as they begin to form – and hopefully a final exhibition!

Pinhole Photo 1

Pinhole Photo 2

Pinhole Photo 3

Sep 09

Time to SketchUp that Camera…

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Cross-section view of a single-lens reflex cam...

Image via Wikipedia

So you have got the basics of SketchUP – guess what you have to do next for homework – yes you guessed it draw your wonderful cameras you have drawn in Isometric. So all you need to do is take home your photo of your old camera and one of your copies of your camera in Isometric and then make you best effort to draw this in SketchUp.

Photo 62

Photo 61

Photo 60

Try to render your camera as well, and add as many details as possible to your SketchUp model. As always please email me your finished model.

Sep 01

This weblog is now iPhone and Mobile Compliant…

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iPhone 3G vs. Android G1
Image by inju via Flickr

Just take a look, and browse with your iPhone or Google Android based phone.

It is as simple as that – loads fast and enables optimised viewing for your delight.


Dr Tech

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Aug 31

Grade 10’s – First SketchUp Task…

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Reuse of component from design library
Image via Wikipedia

Well this weblog was hardly used last year, but it will now only be for you Design Technology students – so make sure you bookmark the site so that you can easily return to it.

The first tasks you will need to do at home – is brush up on your SketchUP skills – almost all of you last year finished a wonderful CAD drawing of your Eco-House. This year you will need to build up your skills further to add more detail to your designs when using SketchUP. If you do not remember maybe you should try the tutorials in the post below first!

1) Fun Curvy Project – goto Youtube or watch the embedded video below and complete the interesting shape –

2)Secondly another easy tutorial to follow – simply download this PDF file and follow the instructions to create another simple shape with a little more details and features –  ObjectTutorial

3) Finally for those that are brave and think they are highly skilled with SketchUP try this car design tutorial – This is very complicated but have a go and try your best.

As always with CAD work I need to see the evidence of what you have managed to achieve so please email me one sketchup file for each of the above. Remember to include your name in the title of the file. If you are having problems downloading or installing SketchUP then remember you can come any lunchtime or afterschool and use the computers in the DT room.

Finally can you make sure you watch this new video about the Layout Application that we have now bought along with SketchUP Pro so that you can produce proper drawings from your models – You will only have access to this tool within the school but it will be really useful.

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Apr 30

Grade 9 Students: Welcome to the TechBribe

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Of course… welcome.  Take a look around.

On your first visit:

  • change your password
  • figure out how to navigate, etc.
  • consider adding a post (do you have comments or resources you would like to share?)

And… you might want to check out a few of the features and links on the main page of the TechBribe.

Mr Gauthier

Feb 15

SketchUp Practice – Independantly Learn CAD skills…

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Example SketchUP drawing – Woo Hooo…

Well Grade 10’s you are only just starting your Radio Free Africa Project within Design and Technology, but as well as practicing your Isometric and Orthographic drawing skills you will need to be able to draw your designs using the CAD application of SketchUP. You should have all downloaded it by now…So time to improve your drawing and SketchUp Computer Aided Design skills. How do you do it – well thats easily you do not need to depend on Dr Tech for help when you can learn yourself. What is the easiest way to learn – you guessed it follow some tutorials. Here are a selection of tutorials you might like to try:-

So now you have seen some of the tutorials – here is your homework (note these videos can take a long time to load – if so go to the Go 2 School site and download them from there:-

  1. Go through a Model a Lantern using this video from (Download from this web address – Model a Lantern – TUTORIAL 1. Print your finished lantern – and email a copy of the SketchUp file to Dr Tech.
  2. Go through the Follow Me Roof video TUTORIAL 6- and again print out a copy to go in your portfolio and email a copy of your file to Dr Tech. (Or download from this web address – )

You will have one week to complete these drawings. We will also be learning how to do Perspective Drawings in the class.

Dec 20

Dr Tech’s Grade 9’s – What’s after the Eco-House?

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Timber in storage for later processing at a sa...
Image via Wikipedia

Well what can I say, there were some truly exceptional Eco-House projects and some wonderful Eco-House designs. Congratulations! You can breath with a sigh of relief as that is your main portfolio project in Design and Technology this year, your next project you will only need to be involved in the design and create sections.

Although of course you will do other parts of the design cycle naturally but will not need to show evidence of these. Yippeee!

So your new project is to design and create a simple but ingenius slot together toy/puzzle – in case you were wondering here is the guide for the slot together puzzle.

So to begin here is a few questions to get you thinking about the material you will be using (please produce a word document with the answers on in full sentences or write the questions and then add the answers):-

  1. Define manufactured board and give three examples?
  2. Define Hardwood and Softwood giving three examples of each?
  3. From your definitions – place the numbered pieces of timber (on the shelf in the DT room) into the three different categories? Also see if you can identify and name each type of wood – will need some detective work on the web!
  4. Here is the guided question – ‘Is manufactured board more environmentally friendly than natural woods?’ – This is a difficult question to answer
  5. What does ‘flat pack’ mean?
  6. Find four examples of ‘flat-pack’ products and print out pictures of them, explaining  what you like about them and why they work (e.g. annotate the drawings naming the material used, along with other points you would like to make) – one could be a slot together toy product but their are many other products out there just have a look at the project guide!

While all this is going on, their will be a film crew (only amateur I am afraid – we will need two people) coming around and will be interviewing you each individually about your eco-house project. This will be a celebration of your wonderful work, and will be brought together in a film including animations of your designs. You will need be able to discuss your work and design and what you did in the project – and if possible show some of your drawings and models.

These are the questions they will be asking you:-

  • Do you agree or disagree with the original guided question – ‘Can Design Contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and providing a sustainable but comfortable living for us?’
  • How does your design back up what you have answered above?
  • Explain three of the sustainable features that your design has?
  • How has the use of CAD helped you with the design process?
  • What or who inspired your design?
  • After this experience as an architect would you be interested in a career in design?

Have fun, Dr Tech.

Dec 14

WordPress Update – 2.7…

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Well just to give you a heads up I have just updated the version of WordPress that Techbribe uses so anyone popping back to edit or write a post will be in for a bit of a shock. The whole of the User interface has been turned on its head -which sill take a little bit of getting used to, but with a few minutes things will make sense.

New features that might be useful to you all – are the quick-press tool on the front dashboard which will enable you to post within a matter of seconds and there is also a quick-edit tool within the writing pages as well.Wordpress screenshot

Have fun with the new interface there is quite alot under the hood which I will introduce you to in the near future.

Happy Posting….one week to the holidays 😀

Oct 11

Here are some other great tutorials – watch them and learn some new tricks that will come in really handy with your house design.

Layers/Components – Shows you how to use layers to hide and show parts of your models

Animate a Camera on a Path – How to animate – looks trickier than it is?

Components – Add trees, Cars, Tables, Doors etc to your design to make it look more realistic!

Remember if you do not watch and follow the tutorials the skills you have within SketchUP will not be enough – and you will end up becoming more and more frustrated. There are many more tutorials over on Youtube – just search and see!

Aug 26


Over the next week or so Techbribe might be a little unreliable due to some updates and also some problems with malicious code on the server which needs to be cleaned up ASAP.

Sorry for any problems, we will be sending out weblog permission slips this week and should be up and running by end of next week if possible.

Dr Tech

Aug 21

Dr Tech’s Grade 9 – Design and Technology First Assignment…

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Starter for 10 – Who designed this?

Grade 9’s for your first assignment – its all about finding out what you understand about Design and Technology as a subject and how famous designers link to the IB learner profile and AoI or not?

In pairs you need to find out and research a specific designer from one of these areas of the design world. You can pick one of my examples or choose your own, but you will only have ten minutes to decide, and once a famous designer has been chosen – no other group can choose it!

  1. Architecture e.g. Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid
  2. Fashion e.g. Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan
  3. Engineering e.g. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Santiago Calatrava
  4. Graphics e.g. Johnathan Ive, William Morris, Daniel Eatock
  5. Product Design e.g. Phillipe Stark, James Dyson
  6. Animation Design e.g. Nick Park
  7. Installation Design e.g. Tony Oursler, Doris Salcedo
  8. Furniture Design e.g Robin+Lucienne Day, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  9. Green Design e.g. Trevor Baylis
  10. Industrial Designer e.g. Yves Behar, Alvar Aalto

You must print pictures and be able to write some important information about the designer, what they have done and what is important to them. You must also be able to explain how you think the designer fits in with the AoI and IB Learner Profile.

You will present your work using A3 Paper, and include printed pictures -sketches – written text – titles – colour etc. You will need to have a reasonable understanding of the designer as you will also present next lesson to the class what you have found out about the designer. along with what you think there priorities as a designer were in connection with AoI and IB Learner Profile.

Note only one person in your pair should be on the computer researching, while the other is bringing the poster/presentation together. Please use drawing boards and be creative in your presentation – show me what you can do!


Areas of Interaction:

H______ I_______, E________, C_______ and S_______, H______ and S________ and A_______ to L________.

IB Learner Profile:

Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Risk Takers, Balanced, Caring and Reflective.

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Aug 20

One day left until School term 2008 begins…so say hello to the Welcome Back Otter?

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Welcome back Grade 9 and 10’s hope you had a great summer and are raring to go this year in your Technology lessons. We welcome a new teacher to the High School this year Mr Gauthier – who will be teaching a Computer Technology in Grades 9 and 10 – his alias at the moment is ‘jimmylinux’.

Crash, ElvisVonWeasel and of course myself will all be using this weblog in both Computer Technology and Design Technology so it will be a much busier place this year so check back as often as possible to see what is happening, get help from your fellow students and of course comment on other students points of view.

Note to all students familiar with using Techbribe, your accounts have all been wiped so we will be starting fresh with new aliases etc – so start thinking. Both Grade 9’s and 10’s will over the semester do two projects – one a full portfolio based project and the second a more relaxed practical based project with no portfolio evidence needed. More to follow soon…..have a great year…

Dr Tech

Jun 19

School is Out For Summer – Flash Final

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Skool Out

Well schools is finally over. Well done to all Grade 9 students who have just finished and handed in their – Flash Animations of Action, there were some great animations considering this was a small end of year project. I might post a few of the best on the blog over the next few weeks.

Finally I would like to say both Crash and I have had a great year with both Grade 9 and 10 groups, and wish everyone a great summer. For those not returning I hopw you will take have had a great learning experience this year which you can take with you and impress at your new school.

(Note I have put everyone’s posts into one section and user, and deleted all users. So you will still be able to search for your post but will not be able to login! Sorry.)

Jun 04

Deadline – For Flash Animation 4 Action Project…

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The deadline for the Animation for Action project has been agreed with Crash and Dr Tech – it will be either Wednesday 18th June or Thursday 19th June depending on which day your lesson is on. All you will need to do is email a copy of both the .swf file and the .fla files to your teacher by the end of the day.

You final grade for the semester will be a combination of your How-To movie project and also the Design and Create grade from this Animation Project.