Jun 02

Oodles and Oodles of Noodles…

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Due to popular demand, heres Ooodles of Noodles – note some of the tricks it uses e.g. movie-clips and moving backgrounds are so easy to do!

Check here for a great moving background tutorial and here for a tutorial on how to make it look like a person/creature is walking combine the two and you have Noodles on your back!

May 31

Screenplay Planning / Flash Skills / Comments and ‘How-To’ Winner?

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Grade 9’s, Dr Tech here with a few comments and reminders about both projects that are running at the moment. Time as always is your enemy with both projects as you only have 3 weeks left to finish both – but remember you are only producing a product this time not any evidence/portfolio work.

Screenplay reminders:-

  • I would imagine you will be filming over the next week and a bit, so producers and directors will need to make sure that everyone is organised and ready for filming on particular days and times. You can film during lesson times, but you will also have to film afterschool or at lunchtimes to get everything done.
  • Make sure all information is placed onto your film pin boards so that everyone in the class knows what they are doing.
  • Once you have filmed a scene, remember to pass this onto the film editors as they can start editing that scene straight away.
  • Students have been asking if there will be a FOSCARS, and the answer is there is no time. The three films will be shown at an assembly if you all manage to film in time, and we can also make voting forms to see which is the best.

Animation 4 Action Reminders:-

  • Remember not only to watch your teachers demos for Flash skills, but to search out your own either on YouTube or other sites.
  • Here are some other great tutorial sites:- Webwasp, GotoAndLearn, Smashing, Cartoon Smart , Flash Banner Tutorials and there are many more….just go out and search…
  • Remember all you have to do is produce an animation promoting your organisation and cause, the style and content is up to you!
  • Note check your guide to see all the skills you should use within your animation for it to be of a high enough standard for a good creation grade!

Comment Fever:-

If you thought no-one else but Egham students read this blog, check the comment placed onto Geologyrocks latest post below. Have you checked comments on your post? –Comments from afar on geologyrocks post. Make sure you comment on each others posts, communicating and networking is the best way to learn and share ideas!

How-To Winner:-

So far the ‘How-To’ video with best reviews is called – ‘How To Breakdance’ (Note you will need to login to see the video!).I have not closed off voting and reviews yet so things could change?

May 31

Free Tibet – Animation for Action

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I chose the topic of Freeing Tibet for my animation project because it is an important topic in society at the moment and it can bring biased opinions which will make it more interesting. Already there have been activists that are supporting the “Free Tibet” campian, that have made it clear to China how they feel. They have climbed the Golden Gate Bridge, in order to fly two flags. One that says, “Free Tibet 08” and the other that clearly says, “One World; On Dream; Free Tibet”

(http://www.earnedmedia.org/Free%20Tibet%20SF%2020070407.jpg) And a web link to see the news site are: http://youtube.com/watch?v=C6eqO7Da7aI&feature=related

On youtube there have been many postings of events, and protests that have been occuring all over the world. One in San Francisco that was large is shown here:

There are many groups that are supporting this cause and that is one of the main reasons why i was inspired to us this certain topic as my animation theme. Some links to support groups are:



My plan for my animation will be based on a certain topic of the war that is going on, and not the entire idea and aspect of the war. I will mainly be focusing on why “China should free Tibet.” This is because i think that this is the most important and broad topic of the event. I will use images and facts from the websites listed above to hopefully prove a point that, Tibet Should Be Free.

May 31

WWF – Adopt a Panda Animation

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WWF adopt a panda you can adopt a panda in asia and help sponsor it. For just £2.50 a month you can support a panda. By supporting a panda you wil recieve a packet of panda related goodies and provide enough money to support a panda for a year. Your £2.50 a month will help protect the pandas, provide more conservation land for them and help care for injured pandas.

WWF’s giant panda programme has been working for 25 years now and since the start of the programme wild numbers of pandas have grown to around 1600 pandas and they have created sixty giant panda reserves. WWF have been working with the Chinese Government to make sure there are more areas in China where the giant panda can find the food it needs and live in safety. The panda is incredibly vulnerable to habitat loss and bamboo loss which is the pandas main source of food. Due to expansion of villages and cities pandas which used to be free to roam throughout china are now limited to an area only about 1.2 km wide. WWF works with the chinese government and local communities to reduce these threats to the panda by increasing the size of conservation areas and helping local people to be less dependent on forest resources

Donating to WWF will benefit the Pandas, the environment and the local community. Here is a sample of my flash animation skills so far – Dr Tech says be careful this is a little psychadelic – wow-man!

May 28

-Shelter Box-

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For this animation project, I have chosen the Shelter Box Foundation. This foundation provides emergency aid for victims of natural and other disasters anywhere in the world. The box includes : a ten person tent, a warm bed, water purification, cooking aids and utensils, a practical toolkit and a children pack.

I chose this charity because we have been talking about it in Advisory. We have also been trying to set up various fund raisers as the boxes with all the contents in it are quite expensive. Although the boxes with everything in it is expensive, you can buy the items seperately.

In my animation, I will be focusing on trying to get people to raise money for this foundation. I will do a web-banner or a short movie clip with Adobe Flash CS3.

Here is the website for the foundation : http://www.shelterbox.org/morecontents.htm

May 28


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For my Animation for Action flash project I decided to raise awareness about Malaria affecting children in Africa and many other parts in the world, but especially Africa. The reason I chose Malaria as my subject is because I used to live in Angola, which is a country that is affected severely by Malaria. I personally never got malaria because my mom always told me I had to wear mosquito repellent. However, many of my friends did get malaria, but since we all came from wealthy families we could prevent the disease from getting worse.

However, there are many children in Africa that don’t have access to hospitals or any medicinal supplies. Having to see this everyday and talking with people whose parents or children lost their lives because they couldn’t treat this disease is something really hard. I have gone to different orphanages where I heard stories about their parents dying because of Malaria. I just want to show that it is a huge problem in the world that not many people are aware of because they live in countries where hospitals could be just around the corner. Living in a country like this and having to see this everyday has made me want to share some facts about it with other people. For my flash animation will show pictures and there will be facts popping up so everyone can learn from it.

May 28

My Animation – Energy Saving Trust

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My animation will aim to aware people about how much energy is wasted every day. It will try and inform people how much energy we could be saving if we just do a couple of steps. I think that we need to save more energy and use more energy efficient items. If we do that then we could be saving heaps of energy in just one go. Like for example if we just switch of the lights when we come out of a room we could be saving a lot of energy. This idea just popped in to my head and I decided that I should do this animation. I realized that we all do this with out even realizing that we are doing it. The organisation that helped me is called Energy Saving Trust,if you want to visit their website you can click here to go there.

My animation will aim to aware people about energy. It will have ways that you could save energy. I will try and include all of the main ways you can save energy. These steps will be easy to follow and will include everyday things that we all do.

May 28

Breast Cancer

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The reason why I choose Breast Cancer was as my mum’s friend in Ireland is a Breast Cancer survivor. She got it mild so she was not in hospital for a long time but some people are not lucky as her, they could be in hospital for a long time.

At the time when I first was told what breast cancer was, was when I was 8, I did not know what exactly it was but I knew only ladies could get it. I asked my mum what was breast cancer was and the words that I got back was it only happens to women, they get cancer in their breast, they get lumps in them and they could lose a breast. Ever since I was told what it was I have always wondered how people can get breast cancer, does it come fast?, how do you know when you have it, how can you cure it and does it continue in your family like is it a family tradition to get breast cancer. Once I have found out I will have a better understanding of breast cancer and how we can stop ourselves from getting breast cancer in the future.

If other people do not know any facts about breast cancer will be able to help them and then when they see my animation they will also get a better understanding of breast cancer and that it can be very bad. I can also tell people how they will help themselves from getting breast cancer and the consequences of it.

You can find information on this web sight!

How does it happen:


Who gets breast cancer:


May 28

Save the Koalas

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My animation idea was to support the koalas. Small, furry, and strange creatures. I chose this idea because koalas are generally sparse, yet interesting animals. The reason for my inspiration is that when I travelled to Australia, I saw a koala in a tree in the outback, I thought it was a rather funny animal. This leads to my inspiration, I think we need more koalas. In my animation I will focus on quite a few things. The first will be on helping Koalas to survive, one of the only ways is to donate money to charities. The second will be on taking care of a koala at home. The site that will do this is http://www.savekoala.aus.to/win_koala.html. Another charity site is https://www.savethekoala.com/.

May 28


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I am going to support AZG (Artsen Zonder Grenzen), which translates into Doctors Without Borders. This is an organization that helps people all over the world. Besides many other things, AZG helps the fight against AIDS. There are people that are off a lot worse than us (yes, it sounds cheesy), but we should help them.

After seeing this video I was really quite shocked. I want to make more people aware of the seriousness of AIDS, as more and more people are dying from it. “In 2007, globally, about 2 million people died of AIDS, 33 million were living with HIV and 2.5 million people were newly infected with the virus.” (UNAIDS, World Health Organization. 2007. AIDS epidemic update.) These numbers are very high, and it’s horrible.

For my animation, I will focus on that you can support others to treat these people so that they do not have to die. Things can be done about this, and I want to let people know that. I would also like to show how it is done in my animation, so that people get a better idea of treatments and such.


May 28

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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I was thinking about what organization to make an animation for, when I suddenly stumbled upon a video raising awareness for The World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF. The video shows various pictures of very endangered species. Watching the movie reminded me of my responsibilities and my beliefs. It really made me feel that I had to do something to help.

So I have decided to make an animation raising awareness for WWF and their amazing accomplishments.

The main focus of my animation will be endangered animals. I basically want to inspire people to support WWF by either taking part in their developments or just donating a little money (I really hope that I can make a difference).

Below is the video link that inspired me:


May 28

My Animation – No Bees = No humans

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My Animation will be about the importance of bees. I know that this at first seems really random, but think about it, without bees, plants would not get pollinated (bees pollinate 91 percent of all plants) with out this, plants would not be able to reproduce very effectively, and would die out. No plants = no food for animals (including us humans) and also no oxygen to breathe: basically everything that we need to survive depends on bees.

Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, “man would have only four years of life left”.

I got this idea about five minutes ago in biology. It got my attention immediately. In the animation I want to focus on the problem and some solution that we can do to save humanity, because already bees are decreasing in earths atmosphere.

May 28

What my Jobs Entail for the Movie Project – (Head of Lighting+)

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Head of Lighting -Jobs:-

  • Deciding on the equipment that we will use
  • Making sure that the people controlling the lights (probably me and fudgesalad) are doing the right things at the right time.
  • Working closely with the director on the script and where the actors are to maximise the usefulness of the lighting.
  • Deciding where the cameras should be, as well as the general equipment used in the scene.


  • Some technical experience
  • Basic knowledge of what the director intends for the mood to be and of what each scene is supposed to do.

What Should the Light Director try to do?

  • Keep the light level up, but not too high, because cameras will make the white reflect and blind the audience if it’s too high and it will make the image grainy if it’s too low.
  • Create some small shadows to give the actors depth, without making huge shadows that take chuncks out of the actor’s faces and ruin the clip.

How Should we Light the Scenes?

  • It’s hard to say as the script has not yet been finalised (we don’t know where we’re filming), but we will probably be using a lot of light from the stuff that’s already in the room (lamps, for example).
  • Reflectors: Tinfoil on cardboard sheets. We can use the reflecty side to make the light be mostly reflected or we can use the dimmer side tomake the scene dim mer and more moody.

For full effect, we will probably be using this lighting set-up for most of the brighter scenes:

… And a similar setup without one or two of these lights for the torture scenes. This is so that we can either create or remove shadows in any given scene.

The subject must not stand in front of a white wall or a window. This would alter the exposure on the cameras and ruin the scene.

If we have to light a scene at night, we can do so easily by either waiting until the light is almost gone but still there and film or we can use a blue filter in front of the camera, while lowering the exposure. This is a useful technique because nobody wants to wait around at school until it’s dark to film, especially because it’s summer and it gets dark at 10:00.

For a fire effect, we can use an orange filter to cover a light, pointing it at a reflector. We then wobble the reflector and it creates a decent fire effect. We may use this for the torture scenes.

Director of Audiography (The Sound Guy). What I Do:-

  • Responsible for the audio in a movie
  • Select sound recordings for final movie
  • Dialogue+effects
  • Dialogue Editing
  • “Taking the existing sonic world and fixing it.”
  • Take the audio and make it smoother, more audible, more understandable, and less likely to detect audio transitions.
  • Effects Editing
  • “Creating the sonic world from scratch”
  • Adding together various elements to create believable sound effects (echos, pitch, etc.)

How will this be Done?

  • This can be done using any of several D.A.W’s.
  • Voiceovers
  • Acting with a voice
  • What Should I do as Practice?
  • Study and record commercials, etc. and compare my voice to the voices of the people doing the commercials.


Yes, there are exercises that improve the quality of your voice. You people will be doing these exercises for some of the voice-overs that the actors may have to do. Study up now, maybe? Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE to get to the same website and learn about the exercises

Music Stuff

If we add songs to the piece, which we will, we will probably take music off of YouTube due to shortage of time. It will have to fit the scene, but other than that there isn’t much to say about it

Yes, this post tells you how to do just a handfull of all of the jobs given me by our wise director.

May 23

Oxfam animation…

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I am going to create an animation highlighting the charity Oxfam as they are always giving to people in need. The animation will show people how Oxfam changes the world as they are always trying to help when countries are needing the help the most.

Although this is a great charity they don’t have endless amounts of money and need to be supported and i want to show what they are doing in the needing countries and how Oxfam needs funding and support in order to carry on doing what they are doing. As well as telling people to take a stand and not just sit back but actually get involved in order to rid the world of poverty.

I found this animation on youtube and thought it was quite appropriate and i am thinking about doing an animation similar to this one:

I will create an animation with a lot of pictures highlighting Oxfam’s work. I will add quotes such as Oxfam’s motto and appropriate sounds. I am excited to be making an animation about such as serious topic.

May 22

Animation theme -RSPCA

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For my animation I choose to make a video about the cruelty that the animals (more related to pets) suffer.

RSPCA or The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a project for the year 2008 to see who can rescue more dogs in England and Wales. If you want to know more about it go to RSPCA official website: http://www.rspca.org.uk/

In my animation I will show how the animals could feel if we helped them instead of hurting them.

In this video i choose it shows how animals are mistreated and how they are living in extreme conditions. We have to help the animals because we are making them sad because of our acts, so I think we should help them as much as we can.

Watch the Video now


May 22

Real Blood Diamonds

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I have decided to do my animation on blood diamonds.

Diamonds are some of the most beautiful stones in the world and cost a lot of money for one of those stones. But are diamond really worth crippling and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people for a hand full of diamonds that only one tenth of them will become diamonds that we see in stare shops?

In Angola, 500,000 people are being killed a month, half the population are displaced and it all thanks to a repel group called Revolutionary United Front (R.U.F.) wanting people from infants to adults to dig, collect and polish the diamonds and in the end the rebels get all the profit and the worker are left with no money or even hands and feet. They do this to stop the workers from running away and from stealing the diamonds that they claim is theirs.

About 60% of diamonds that are given to sale people are blood diamonds and only diamonds that go through the legal process is a little 40%. Diamonds usually cost about a million dollars and the ones getting smuggled in are sold for a mere 350,000 dollars. So Africa is getting ripped off of it natural and it wealth

With your help, we can stop this madness of destroying Africa and it people.

May 22

Penguins + Polar Bears?

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I’m going to do my animation on the animals who live on the ice caps like penguins and polar bears. And I’m supporting WWF, and they support polar bears and penguins too 🙂

Mostly the penguins and the polar bears need to be supported because they live on the ice caps that are being melted away by global warming and basically losing their home 🙁 which is what the animation i found on youtube shows.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8YVsJSO7qE :mrgreen:

In my animation I want to do a cartoon like that but also showing penguins 🙂 and also show a bit of what humans are doing to cause all of this global warming and say what we can do to stop it and maybe some cool people will watch it and stop poluting everything and save more polar bears 🙂