Jan 12

While Dr Tech is away – Project feedback

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While Dr Tech is away Me Belcher will be covering your lesson so you can continue making and creating. I have marked all your folders – please read through the comments and by next week make any improvements.

Next week I will have a final look before doing your semester grades….

Remember you will have to 5th February so not much time to complete projects- so get making NOW!

Dr Tech

Feb 18

The best ‘How to’ video

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The video ‘How to make hot ice’ is really different, I have never seen anything like it. The video is clear and interesting, there is no speaking instructions but the music sound is good. It’s instructions are simple yet the ingredients might be hard to get hold of? The start when a finger touches the water-like liquid and it breaks out into ice is really powerful. He then builds sculptures with the hot ice and mould somewhat buildings.

I liked this video a lot, I found yourself thinking ‘WOW’, this is really good!

The best thing about this video is its simplicity specifically there is only 2 camera angles with not very much editing or distracting flashes.

Feb 08

My system is simply based, but it is the basic five-six requirements for a good film and ‘How To’ videos. Here are all the points and an explanation why it needs to be there.

Editing- Editing is VERY important! If a film has good editing, then it will be smooth and easy to watch. If the film keeps snapping to other camera angles, then people will stop watching the film because the camera cuts too often!

Audio- If the audio quality is good, then your film will be successful. The two pillars of a film are video quality and audio quality. If the video quality fails, at least the audio can make up for it. If it is clear and the sound is loud enough to hear, you have a good video.

Video- The video must not be blurry and hard to see! That defeats the point of watching a video! The video must be easy to see and understand, and this is the main pillar so if the video quality fails along with the audio, your in trouble then.

Style/Concept/Planning- I might not be one for this, but I have to say that planning and practicing your film before you actually capture it is imperative. Do something improvised and on the spot films can usually end in a flop if you accidentally mess up your point.

Cinematography- Any film can be made without this, but this is the support that is on top of audio and video. The film needs smooth camera work so that your point can be made and also the fact that it creates a nice feel to the film. Cinematography is supposed to create a natural feel, which makes the camera more from a person’s perspective rather then from an electronic camera.

Content- Well, I’m not supposed to exactly count this but good content makes the overall film worth watching!

Here are two ‘How To’ films, the first one has all or at least most of these qualities that I have listed and the other one completely misses the point.

Video One-

This video cannot be bothered to stream it self. Watch it here!

Video Two-

Jan 22


I hope through the course of these two projects, which yes have been difficult and demanding both in terms of organisation and the learning of skills and IT based literacies to complete the products, that you have gained an insight into how technology can or maybe could be used to change a persons views and maybe make a difference. There are many opposing viewpoints to how people either view technology as the saviour of our world in the future or in fact that the opposite might be true as humanity becomes a slave of its own designs and uses of technology.

So for your last lesson you have a four things to do:-

  1. Freerice – If you don’t want to think, then go hear and try to give the highest number of bowls of rice in one lesson, and finish with the highest vocabulary level AND feed someone :)~
  2. BigThink – Can technology make us happy? -to finish your thoughts on the whole technology guided question issue, go visit this site and watch the short video. Do you agree or disagree, join and leave a comment response.
  3. Check if you have any outstanding posts to finish, or by the end of the lesson they will be deleted.
  4. Add a final comment to this post, giving advice to the Grade 9’s about how to use this weblog.
  5. Finally attempt Samarost 2 – an Interactive Flash Animation to beat all others.

Enjoy Design and Technology. Your IT grades will be available from Monday, you will be able to collect your project portfolios only in the final term along with the T-Shirt products.

Jan 22

Human Dominance Domination – Pickle

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My animation is based off a person’s personal project. The project involved making a site where people can discuss human related issues. Survey below, please fill it in:-


Animation is linked below, enjoy:


Jan 21

Namco’s Animation

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After long hours of working, the final animation is here. I was slightly disappointed as I found a sound file that would work perfectly for this animation. However, I had some problems adjusting the start and end of the file, even after looking at the Help Menu. So, below I have not only my animation and my survey, but a movie file showing what I wanted to have as a finished project.

St John’s Animation

Below is the movie file which I wanted my animation to look like.

St John’s Movie

Below is my survey. Please fill it in.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Jan 16

Don’t be a lurker…You know who you are?

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Just noticed while tidying up that there are some students and so aliases that have not posted at all this semester – YIKES. Note we will take that into consideration when discussing final semester grades! So here we go to name and shame….bagl92, the cello fellow, the businessman, pasta, mjewjewTS, Man Utd, K-boy, fouf, bob and for some reason CRASH (shocking!)

Look forward to all of you posting over the next few days, making sure you have posted your wonderful animations and links to your surveys for feedback!

Jan 15

Floydy69 Flash Animation – Feedback Request

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This is my flash animation. Please visit the link below to go to my survey. There is one issue with it. The sounds loops over again so turn off your sound once you are done. Once you have viewed the animation please follow the link to my survey and please answer all questions so I can finish my evaluation.


Lunch Card Animation