Apr 27

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How To Change the world video

I thought this video was really good because the quality of the camera was good. It wasn’t exactly a video. It was only pictures of things people had achieved.

The voice of the narrator was very effective and it got the point across very easily. Even though the steps aren’t very easy to achieve, it gives you a heads start to changing the world. The quality of the storyboard is really good because it’s a good idea and not many people would know how to change the world. He also lays it out in steps that make are easy for the person who is watching the video to follow. The pictures and the music are very captivating and the person who’s talking has a voice that will grab people’s attention. It’s laid out very well and it doesn’t bore the audience. I also think it’s a subject which many people will be interested in because everyone wants to change the world somehow.

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2 Responses to “MarMar’s Review of a How-To Video”

  1. Potatoscrub Says:

    Saying that it’s only pictures of what people had already had done kind of shut me off… It’s as if you’re saying that it’s a slideshow of finished products without actually being a how-to video. Why is the first part one paragraph while the other parts are all in the same one? Nonetheless, it was a good choice of video.

  2. drtech Says:

    I think the author of this post was looking at the wider issues, and maybe to first guided question about whether use of film – the moving image can have much larger effects on the way we view the world and so how we solve the worlds larger issues.