Apr 10

Hello! This is going to be sweet and simple, I’m not a big fan of Premiere Pro nor do I find it particularly useful (Dr Tech – Its very much like a bicycle if you like to ride a bike you will find it useful – so make sure you do not go into any sort of film making career then!) so don’t hold your breath, I will try to remain serious about this program for the duration of this post, and no, I won’t speak like a flight attendant anymore.

Importing is the most important aspect of using Premiere Pro because if you can’t import you might as well just sit in front of the computer with your finger up your nose. Unless you do that already, if so then you might as well sit with your finger in your ear trying to see if you can reach the melted cheese that is your brain.


Well, obviously, you open Premiere Pro and name your project. Which will leave you, after what seems like an eternity of waiting, with the base window (Whoohoo?) (above).

Picture 4_1.png

Secondly, you click on the File tab at the top of the screen, right next to the Premiere Pro and the Apple tab (Shown Above). It will give you a list of things, and towards the bottom is ‘Import’ next to which are two symbols. These two symbols simply mean that if you press the ‘Apple’ key along with the ‘I’ key it will open up the Import window instead of having to go through the File tab and going to ‘Import’. (WOW NO WAY! How Interesting… O.o)

Picture 5_1.png

Having gone through the File tab or having pressed ‘Apple’ ‘I’, it will open up the browse window. Simply browse for the range of clips you are using, select all or one of them, and press the blue ‘Import’ button and TADA! You can import! Congratulations! Have a cupcake!

Picture 1_6.png

A minor word, having imported your clips will appear in a box to the left of the screen (Above). You can change them to thumbnails if it helps you edit. (The clip above does not contain any video clips therefore it is empty, why? Well I couldn’t find the clips and I asked, but no one knew) Now get back to your cupcake, I have finished my little tutorial and left you looking like this: O.O or O.o.

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4 Responses to “THE Simple PP Tut. Complete”

  1. bulgarianbeefcake Says:

    I should charge people when they use my Importing idea.
    I mean seriously, I started this off, I’m the mastermind behind all these Importing posts ^.^

  2. Potatoscrub Says:

    I, like probably many others, thought of this on my own when I learned that pictures that had been placed in Word would not import. If anybody should be charging, it’s Microsoft.

    P.S. to drtech… How many of these posts include advice on when to utilize the information provided, such as when to add transitions? Yes, I’m being a suck-up, and I know it.

  3. bulgarianbeefcake Says:

    Ah, but mine was the first.
    I discovered this yesterday.
    And, it is good that you know it.

  4. bulgarianbeefcake Says:

    What do you mean ‘I learned that pictures that had been placed in Word would not import.’?
    I’m on about importing into PP. Not on here O.o