Apr 24

So you know your final deadline so time to make sure you are on target, and plan what you have left to do. So READ THIS check your project guide and be prepared:-

  • Creation section – Remember it must have evidence showing how you have made your movie, including screen-shots within Premiere Pro of skills used and problems encountered, feedback from your client, evidence of any changes from your original screenplay or storyboard designs, analysis and even photos of how you filmed or you filming…
  • Once you have finished creating you should export your movie in a Quicktime format, and show this to your client and send a copy to Dr Tech or Crash.
  • You will receive an invitation from Vblog, join their and vote upon each others videos.
  • THEN your evaluation section which must include the following:- a survey (there is a hint sheet in your project guide about this!) of at least 10 different viewers of your video to ascertain whether you have fulfilled your specification and how good your video was using an online survey tool like StellarSurvey, analyse your survey using a spreadsheet application to produce visual charts of the statistics, produce an evaluation which looks at your performance, your videos success against the specification, full feedback from your client and analysis of your planning against the GANTT project management and of course revisit and discuss the guided questions you thought about at the beginning of the project.
  • At the back of your folder have some screen-shots of your video, the best moments. Also take a screen-shot of your video within the Vblog.
  • You must also check back through your folder and improve any of the other sections…
  • Finally the voting for the three screenplays that will be filmed alongside the next project are up outside Dr Tech’s office. Voting will begin from Wednesday next week – more to follow shortly.
  • Finally you will need to bring together and ring-bind your portfolio with a comb, and front back cover -and then hopefully you can cross that finishing line

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