May 28

My animation will aim to aware people about how much energy is wasted every day. It will try and inform people how much energy we could be saving if we just do a couple of steps. I think that we need to save more energy and use more energy efficient items. If we do that then we could be saving heaps of energy in just one go. Like for example if we just switch of the lights when we come out of a room we could be saving a lot of energy. This idea just popped in to my head and I decided that I should do this animation. I realized that we all do this with out even realizing that we are doing it. The organisation that helped me is called Energy Saving Trust,if you want to visit their website you can click here to go there.

My animation will aim to aware people about energy. It will have ways that you could save energy. I will try and include all of the main ways you can save energy. These steps will be easy to follow and will include everyday things that we all do.

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One Response to “My Animation – Energy Saving Trust”

  1. Alex Says:


    I have a web site for saving energy in ho we use computers, at home and at work. I have just published an article on charging a blackberry, and yes we waste 10 times what we use in vampire power.

    I would like to place animations on our web site, please contact me through our web site if you can help raise the awareness of how much we waste.