May 31

I chose the topic of Freeing Tibet for my animation project because it is an important topic in society at the moment and it can bring biased opinions which will make it more interesting. Already there have been activists that are supporting the “Free Tibet” campian, that have made it clear to China how they feel. They have climbed the Golden Gate Bridge, in order to fly two flags. One that says, “Free Tibet 08” and the other that clearly says, “One World; On Dream; Free Tibet”

( And a web link to see the news site are:

On youtube there have been many postings of events, and protests that have been occuring all over the world. One in San Francisco that was large is shown here:

There are many groups that are supporting this cause and that is one of the main reasons why i was inspired to us this certain topic as my animation theme. Some links to support groups are:

My plan for my animation will be based on a certain topic of the war that is going on, and not the entire idea and aspect of the war. I will mainly be focusing on why “China should free Tibet.” This is because i think that this is the most important and broad topic of the event. I will use images and facts from the websites listed above to hopefully prove a point that, Tibet Should Be Free.

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2 Responses to “Free Tibet – Animation for Action”

  1. celestial elf Says:

    Tibet is such an inspiration :}
    I have made an animation about it here