Oct 11

Here are some other great tutorials – watch them and learn some new tricks that will come in really handy with your house design.

Layers/Components – Shows you how to use layers to hide and show parts of your models

Animate a Camera on a Path – How to animate – looks trickier than it is?

Components – Add trees, Cars, Tables, Doors etc to your design to make it look more realistic!

Remember if you do not watch and follow the tutorials the skills you have within SketchUP will not be enough – and you will end up becoming more and more frustrated. There are many more tutorials over on Youtube – just search and see!

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4 Responses to “SketchUP Madness Continues…”

  1. Eugene Says:

    I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog… somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

  2. SwedishChef101010101 Says:

    Wow… This place is kinda… dead… compared to last year, anyway. There were at least two posts a week, usually more. 🙁

    Here’s mourning the end of the start of the computerization of school.

  3. drtech Says:

    Don’t worry Swedish Shef this site will return – it has just taken the first semester off but soon LINUX man and CRASH will be posting along with students. So keep em peeled…

  4. Failolzorzomg Says:

    Yours was the second to last comment up ’till this one. This site just isn’t the same without me…