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Well what can I say, there were some truly exceptional Eco-House projects and some wonderful Eco-House designs. Congratulations! You can breath with a sigh of relief as that is your main portfolio project in Design and Technology this year, your next project you will only need to be involved in the design and create sections.

Although of course you will do other parts of the design cycle naturally but will not need to show evidence of these. Yippeee!

So your new project is to design and create a simple but ingenius slot together toy/puzzle – in case you were wondering here is the guide for the slot together puzzle.

So to begin here is a few questions to get you thinking about the material you will be using (please produce a word document with the answers on in full sentences or write the questions and then add the answers):-

  1. Define manufactured board and give three examples?
  2. Define Hardwood and Softwood giving three examples of each?
  3. From your definitions – place the numbered pieces of timber (on the shelf in the DT room) into the three different categories? Also see if you can identify and name each type of wood – will need some detective work on the web!
  4. Here is the guided question – ‘Is manufactured board more environmentally friendly than natural woods?’ – This is a difficult question to answer
  5. What does ‘flat pack’ mean?
  6. Find four examples of ‘flat-pack’ products and print out pictures of them, explaining  what you like about them and why they work (e.g. annotate the drawings naming the material used, along with other points you would like to make) – one could be a slot together toy product but their are many other products out there just have a look at the project guide!

While all this is going on, their will be a film crew (only amateur I am afraid – we will need two people) coming around and will be interviewing you each individually about your eco-house project. This will be a celebration of your wonderful work, and will be brought together in a film including animations of your designs. You will need be able to discuss your work and design and what you did in the project – and if possible show some of your drawings and models.

These are the questions they will be asking you:-

  • Do you agree or disagree with the original guided question – ‘Can Design Contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and providing a sustainable but comfortable living for us?’
  • How does your design back up what you have answered above?
  • Explain three of the sustainable features that your design has?
  • How has the use of CAD helped you with the design process?
  • What or who inspired your design?
  • After this experience as an architect would you be interested in a career in design?

Have fun, Dr Tech.

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