Oct 02

Next DeadlineYour Next Deadlines Above…

Well done all to reach your first deadline of the semester – I was very impressed with the most of the organisation and presentation within your portfolios – however a lot of you had forgot the analysis needed with most pieces of work explaining what you have learnt, why you did the work and what you will take forward in the designing of your pinhole camera. You all must remember when your portfolios are sent off to the examiner/moderator they will not know who you are or why you did the work – your portfolio is almost like a storybook of your thinking, showing at each stage of the Design Cycle what you were doing. If you think of it like this then you will make sure every sheet makes sense!

There were some great discussions on the ideas of obsolescence – but what do you think about the term planned obsolescence? Have a read of the following articles and then leave comments as to your thoughts on this weblog post – seeing if your views have changed from your initial guided question discussion.

Looking forward to your discussions. And in case you are wondering your next target will be the 5 pieces of research you have identified as essential for helping you with your project. Please make sure they are in-depth, do not simply copy from one web-site, that you acknowledge all sources including images, that the research is worthwhile and that you analyse and explain what you have learnt.

Here are some great links to websites that might help you with your research:-

  1. Maker Video – On Pinhole Cameras
  2. Homemade Matchbox Pinhole Camera
  3. Pinhole Calculator – Very Useful
  4. World Pinhole Photography Day – Resources
  5. Pinhole Camera Design Calculator – Another Excellent Resource
  6. A Quick Simple Pinhole Camera To Make
  7. Developing and printing pinhole photographs – very useful
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