Oct 30
Nautilus bears a pinhole eye
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….and you have begun your initial designs for your pinhole camera – its really time to think creatively about your design and problem.

While Dr. Tech is away this week – this is what you need to do:-

You will need to develop 3 or 4 ideas to the next stage. Each developed design should be  on a spearate sheet of A3 paper and include the following: –

  • Isometric sketch with measurements
  • CAD – Sketchup model
  • Sketches of the details for jointing parts of your design
  • Sketches to show how the paper is going to be kept in the camera and how the shutter mechanism will work
  • A table with checks to see if the design fulfills your specification.
  • What materials you are going to use and other annotations.

Remember be creative the designs should be functional but also interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Think of what your client would like? You can maybe use a basic shape and then alter the methods of how is stands up or is made steady from the outside.

Think about finishes -as well will you paint it? Maybe you can use some recycled elements as well?

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