Feb 24


Example SketchUP drawing – Woo Hooo…

Well Grade 9’s as well as practicing your Isometric drawing skills you will need to be able to draw your designs using the Computer Aided Design application of SketchUP. You should have all downloaded it by now…but if you haven’t click here to go and download it. How do you learn how to use it – well that’s easy you do not need to depend on Dr Tech for help when you can learn yourself. What is the easiest way to learn – you guessed it follow some tutorials. Here are a selection of tutorials you might like to try:-

So now you have seen some of the tutorials – here is your homework (note these videos can take a long time to load – if so go to the Go 2 School site and download them from there. The first three tutorials everyone must do – the fourth tutorial anyone that thinks they are a CAD genius can have a go:-

  1. Fun Curvy Project – goto Youtube or watch the embedded video below and complete the interesting shape – http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&feature=channel_page&v=DsGJ9i1CB8o
  2. Secondly another easy tutorial to follow – simply download this PDF file and follow the instructions to create another simple shape with a little more details and features – ObjectTutorial
  3. Go through the Follow Me Roof video TUTORIAL 6- and again print out a copy to go in your portfolio and email a copy of your file to Dr Tech. (Or download from this web address – http://media.libsyn.com/media/atotheo/school_tss_005_h264_640.m4v )
  4. (FOR THOSE THAT THINK THEY ARE A GENIUS!) Go through a Model a Lantern using this video from (Download from this web address – www.media.libsyn.com/media/atotheo/Model_a_Lantern.m4v)- Model a Lantern – TUTORIAL 1. Print your finished lantern – and email a copy of the SketchUp file to Dr Tech.

You will have one week to complete these drawings (Due Wednesday obviously – as I always give you one week for homework) – and must email them to Dr Tech’s Firstclass account. Any problems please see Dr Tech before Wednesday!

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