Mar 03
The Selfridges Building in the Bull Ring in Bi...
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(Whose design is this above do you think?)

Time for a little rest from Technical drawing and CAD work – and start to look and research behind the world of architecture and some of the most famous architects in the world.

What do you have to do – well simply choose an architect and building from the list below – you can do this in pairs or on your own depending on how you would prefer to work.

You will have only one double lesson and homework + 20 minutes of the next lesson to bring together a visual presentation that must do the following:-

  1. Give some background to the architect
  2. Show drawing and pictures of their buildings
  3. Show a mini review with diagrams and floor plans if possible of the named building
  4. Discuss whether the architect has considered sustainability issues
  5. You must have a large A2 sheet – for presentation
  6. You must be able to present in 5 minutes
  7. You must final discuss your own points of view on the architect and their work – and say what you have learnt that you might take forward in your designs

Presentations will be on Wednesday next week…

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