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Hello happy campers, well we are now truly into the project and you have your first major deadline to complete for the end of next Wednesdays lesson.

When you hand in your folder it should be fully organised in the correct order, all work must be titled with analysis and reasons why you have undertaken the work. If any pictures or photos are just added in without annotation they will be ignored – you have been warned ;)~

Remember you should have the following in your folder in this order: –

1)Discussion on Guided Question – one A4 page

2)Brief – explanation of problem

3) Brainstorm of things to research – related to sustainable design and eco-houses check the SDA website as a beginning

4) All drawings so far titled with basic explanation of what the drawing styles are and where you would use them

5) Print outs with annotation of your SketchUP skills and tutorials you have completed with reasons why

6) Your site – with analysis, why chosen etc

7) Evidence of your IN-DEPTH  interview with your client – e.g. questions and answers

8 ) 3 in-depth pieces of research with full analysis -and what you have learnt to take forward in your design

Remember to check your guide for further information and help with your progress. Any questions you know who to call…and while you are calling why not watch an inspirational video about bio-mimicry and sustainable design.

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