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Welcome back and already you will have some new targets – this final term and quarter is short and by the end of the semester you will need to complete all parts of the design process for your Eco-House project.

You next target will be for the 28th April next Wednesday :-

  1. Improve investigation and any other points discussed during your assessment interview with me yesterday
  2. Add a moodboard to your investigation which will inspire your design – maybe an architect, fashion design, nature – as many pictures and photos as possible that can inspire the shape and aesthetics of your design
  3. One other piece of research – up to you but must be something worthwhile that will influence your design
  4. A complete bibliography – including where all pictures and photos came from
  5. Write a specification that clearly links with all research undertaken – make sure this is clear and bullet pointed
  6. Write a paragraph and small table with 3 tests you might undertake to check your design meets the specification and is sustainable
  7. Produce a GANTT chart for your plan section to organise and project manage the rest of the time you have on this project.

So you ask what is a GANTT chart – it is simply a project management tool that is visual so everyone in a project design team can complete work to set deadlines. Remember if you do not complete the work in the real design world – you do not get PAID!

There is one application that is free to download and can be used for creating your own GANTT chart easily: –

As the picture above it simply shows through the use of bars the time taken for each part of your project, when each part ends and another part begins. So when is your final deadline you ask -well at the end of the semester so 11th June to complete the final three sections of your project – design, create and evaluate. More about those next week!

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