Apr 29
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Now you have finished your investigation and planned your next 7 weeks time to get the fun part and start designing and for homework this week (Due Tuesday!) you need to produce your first brainstorm of ideas for your ecohouse design. Like the sheet below this should be full of interesting and wild ideas – try to do lost of sketches showing shapes, plans etc with both 2D and 3D drawings.

The most important thing is to be creative – it is the quality of ideas rather than drawing that counts at this stage – so make sure you are using your inspiration moodboard for the design work – you can also always use your sitemap as the start for designing floorplans. Always make sure if you are stuck that you go and look for ideas and inspiration from elsewhere. I often go to a site called Design Boom for some amazing design inspiration.

Please make sure you border and title your first brainstorm initial design sheet – I am looking forward to seeing your first ideas next week.

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